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Alejandro corrects Amandala

The Clayton-Bulwer Treaty was not signed by Guatemala. And it was not signed in 1859. It was signed by the United States Secretary of State, John Clayton, on behalf of the United States and by Sir Henry Bulwer, the British Minister, on behalf of Great Britain in 1850. By this treaty, both the USA and Great Britain committed themselves ?not to fortify, colonize, assume, or exercise any dominion over Nicaragua, Costa Rica, the Mosquito Coast or any part of Central America.? (Narda Dobson – ?A History of Belize? p-198).

The 1859 Treaty is the Treaty signed by Great Britain and Guatemala called the Anglo-Guatemalan Treaty, and this is the famous treaty which Guatemala claims was violated by Great Britain at Article-7. The source of the ongoing Dispute.

Guatemala also claims (as you say) that Britain violated the Clayton-Bulwer Treaty by holding onto Belize after 1850. If this is so, Guatemala assisted Britain when she signed the Anglo-Guatemalan Treaty of 1859, which recognized the borders of the Central American territory (Belize) being colonized by Great Britain.


(Ed. NOTE: We accept your corrections.)

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