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America is really TWO countries

The recent fight in the USA between senators of their Democratic party and senators of their Republican party over the confirmation of a judge to their supreme court, exposed the extent of the divide between the two political parties that run that country. The confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh, a judge who was favored by the party in power, the Republicans, was fought up to the very last day by the Democrats.

The Democrats latched on to an accusation by a lady that Judge Kavanaugh had, when he was a young man, committed a gross act of aggression against her. The accusation was substantial, of itself. Apparently the fact that the alleged crime was committed a number of years ago worried a lot of people. It seems a lot of men in high places in America are in desperate need of a “statute of limitations.”

The American president expressed fear about what is happening in his country.This bit is from an article by Michelle Ruiz onwww.vogue.com. “My whole life, I’ve heard you’re innocent until proven guilty. But now, you’re guilty until proven innocent,” President Trump said from the White House lawn on Tuesday, with absolutely no sense of irony (more on that in a minute): “I say that it’s a very scary time for young men in America.”

The accusation against Kavanaugh was substantial, but the stakes were greater. If you’re an American Democrat, an individual act of sexual aggression by an uncouth, chaansi male, pales beside the cumulative of a judge who is far right of center taking a place on the US Supreme Court. It is a fact that when America sneezes we catch cold, so we have our concerns. Many of their issues are our issues, and they feel (know) that they run the world.

There’s a Grand Canyon between the Democrats and the Republicans. There was a time in the last century when these parties were not that far apart, but the chasm has grown, and at this time the gulf between them has never been wider. They are miles apart on religion, abortion, gays, climate, and direction of their economy.

The Republicans are unyielding Old Testament Christians, anti-abortion, anti-gays celebrating their unions on church steps, unaware of the effects human beings have on climate, and fully sold on trickle-down capitalism. The Democrats are religious peripherals and atheists. They support a woman’s right to abort a 3-month-old fetus, are 100% for the rights of gays to force a Leviticus disciple to bake their “wedding” cake, are concerned about human beings committing terrorism on the environment, and they are for more sharing of their nation’s wealth and safety nets for the needy.

They should split, before they go to war over it. Cow noh belong eena has ghelop. Tolerance is great, but it is better music when your neighbors share some of your values and agree with some of your ideas about the world. They should split, but they won’t. It is because of a spinoff from their being the most fighterous nation in the history of the world. War keeps them focused without, and so somewhat distracted from the vast differences within.

Harsh winters made Europeans more fierce

It’s that time of year again, when we remember the coming of that damned blasted liar, Columbus, to the Americas. The Bible is pretty clear about where liars come from. They are the children of the evil one.

Dr. Ben Carson, the celebrated neurosurgeon who is a member of Donald Trump’s cabinet (USA), got himself into a heap of trouble because of a core Biblical teaching which says that all things work for the glory of God. I don’t believe Carson was saying that slavery and genocide are good things. I believe he was saying that all things work for the glory of God.

Columbus has his points. The man was a damned fine sailor. The kinds of boats he sailed would have taken more than a month from Europe to the Americas. www. history.com  says, “On August 3, 1492, Columbus set sail from Palos, Spain, with three small ships, the Santa María, the Pinta, and the Niña. On October 12, the expedition sighted land, probably Watling Island in the Bahamas, and went ashore the same day, claiming it for Spain. “Even if he didn’t encounter any hurricanes, Columbus must have had to reef sails through enough stormy weather.

Columbus had to be a very brave man. Not anyone will set sail into the unknown. No, the Americas wasn’t completely unknown. We know that sailors from Africa had been making the voyage. But he had never made the perilous trip. Behind him lay the gray Azores; Behind the Gates of Hercules; Before him not the ghost of shores: Before him only shoreless seas. (Opening verse of a poem by Joaquin Miller)

Columbus has major sins. He was a murderer, guilty of the world’s worst crime; he was a rapist, guilty of the world’s second worst crime; he was an unjustified thief, guilty of the world’s third worst crime; and he was a racist. He also brought some terrible diseases with him when he came to the New World.

All things considered, in 1492 the Europeans were the best poised to come out on top.Ibrahim Abdullah has said that we are living in the European’s age, and that we shouldn’t complain too much about it. He said the Europeans are world rulers at this time because it is God’s will. He did say that a change is on the way.

The poetess, Nikki Giovanni, explained an important difference between the peoples of the tropics and the peoples from the cold countries. She said that the harshness of winter produced a human being that was harder than one living in our world. (I read Nikki Giovanni’s poem (about the differences between us) a long time ago.)

A person who lives in a world that has winter must learn to save, and to build structures that keep out the cold. A person who lives in the tropics can always go to the sea or the rivers or the forest and find food. It is indeed highly likely that it was the environment of the Europeans that made them become ruthless warmongers.

Interestingly, technology is making the Europeans a kinder, gentler people. I guess they must be tired of wars too. God knows they have been glorying in killing for too long. One sign of the times, right in the USA, was their recoil when an Alaskan lady, Sarah Palin, bragged about shooting elks. The big game hunters and buffalo killers are no longer heroes to their people. They, who mauled the environment, of recent have produced some of the greatest fighters for its preservation.

He should have tried English

Last week, Dr. Silvaana’s column in The Reporter contained a little clip from Michael Finnegan’s remembrance of the popular Dean Lindo. In this clip, Finnegan recalled how kind Dean Lindo was to him, and some special advice he got. Finnegan said that Dean Lindo whispered in his ear, told him, “When you go on TV or when you go the House, noh talk English. You know why? When you talk Kriol you make it sound sweet.”

I don’t see the point in any simidimi here. Yes, I’ll get straight to it and tell you a very good reason why Finnegan should have tried English in the House. Kriol is a joosi langwij, an if yoh weak yu tong kud get tu loose. Finnegan weak. Ah, Finnegan must be the reason why Dr. Esquivel wanted all his boys to wear suit and necktie. When they went to the House, they weren’t to feel like dehn deh home or pahn di street.

Yes, it is so that Mr. Finnegan ku taak. I said a good thing. Now I’ll say a bad thing. Heaven (or hell) alone knows why he didn’t get NAMED for some things he said in Kriol in the House.

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