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American woman dies in home invasion turned murder

HeadlineAmerican woman dies in home invasion turned murder

CONSEJO, Corozal District, Thurs. Feb. 14, 2019– An American woman is dead, and her husband was injured as a result of a brutal home invasion in Consejo Village in the Corozal District that quickly turned into a tragic murder.

The incident occurred just before 8 o’clock last night, Wednesday, on an otherwise peaceful night in Consejo, where the retired couple lived in a one-storey cement house in a large yard at #7 Oasis Park Drive. Elizabeth Rousseau, 74, was in the bedroom, and her husband, Gary Hakes, 84, was in the living room, when the lights suddenly went off in the house.

Shortly after, a man entered the bedroom and attacked Rousseau. When Hakes heard the commotion, he went to check on his wife, only to be attacked by another man. It is believed that the burglars entered the yard through the back, and then entered the house by breaking a window in the bathroom.

There are seven other homes in the area where the couple lived, and a neighbor heard the commotion and rushed over to assist, but by the time the neighbor arrived at the house the burglars were gone.

Both Rousseau and Hakes were stabbed in the incident and their assailants got away with a purse containing personal items. Police have not yet ascertained all the contents of the purse.

Rousseau and Hakes were taken to the Corozal Community Hospital, after which Rousseau was transported to the Northern Regional Hospital. She succumbed to her injuries before she arrived at that hospital, however.

Hakes, on the other hand, only suffered superficial wounds, and has been treated and already released.

Initial police investigations revealed that the burglars cut the power from outside, which suggests to them that the criminals had knowledge of the area and may have been watching the house for some time. Since the house was in darkness, Hakes was not able to get a good look at the burglars.

Police are unsure of what all the burglars were able to steal, and they also do not know if the couple was known to have a lot of valuables in the house.

According to ACP Joseph Myvette, who spoke to us at 3 o’clock this afternoon, officers were still canvassing the area, and an additional team from the Major Crimes Unit from Belmopan was also deployed.

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