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Angry woman

Dear Editor,
I am a Belizean woman. Sometimes I’m an angry woman. But I’m not as angry as I should be watching a policeman manhandle a woman journalist, grabbing her by the waist, dragging her by her breasts and forcing her to the ground. For God’s sake, stop it.

I’m not as angry as I should be watching policemen brutally go after the only woman journalist on the scene and not even a “knack seh” on the large, robust men journalists.

I’m not as angry as I should be when a high ranking police officer will put on Facebook that he hopes Marisol learns her lesson, a flashback for all those women who had been beaten to their senses and “learnt” their lessons too. No, I’m not as angry as I should be.

I’m not as angry as I should be with the Prime Minister defending Yellowman when he assaulted Marisol. The silence of the women Ministers in government, the Women’s Commission and the Women’s Department remains deafening.

I’m not as angry as I should be when the Prime Minister attacks Lisa, the messenger, on Sedi’s missteps, instead of attacking the message spoken by his Minister. Belize’s borders are internationally recognized. It’s September, we should all be angry that our government has not affirmed that fact.

No, I’m not as angry as I should be with the intimidation tactics being used to prevent Amy from making her formal complaint; another excuse for government to continue its abuse.

I’m not as angry as I should be on the outrageous mockery of our young pageant girls of the Loyal Patriotic Order of Belize and the disgrace and embarrassment to Belize. It was the 10th of September, in 2017, anno domini.

I’m not as angry as I should be when MC Shari says we live in a country that respects human rights, yet we have brothers and sisters who are discriminated against because of who they love. Hypocrisy celebrated.

I’m not as angry as I should be when Omar gets manslaughter for stabbing Christie to death, because he says she told him she is pregnant for another man, which provoked him to kill her. I’m not as angry as I should be when I know a dead woman can tell no tales.

I’m not as angry as I should be when there is no report or charges still on the Youth Hostel fire that killed 3 young girls. No statements from Boots and no outcry from the Special Envoy. Boy oh boy.

I’m not as angry as I should be with a City Council whose Mayor, City Administrator and councillors publicly admit they break the law giving liquor license permits to places that don’t qualify. Who cares about laws, peace and quality? It’s all about the money. Check.

I’m not angry as I should be when police open tear gas at the military tattoo, when 6 youths got shot after Jouvert, when armed police forces lead off our Carnival and have to be placed throughout the road march due to grenade and gunshot realities.

YET with all the bullying, batons, heavy armory and big chats, they couldn’t protect Gustavo Hernandez, who witnessed the murder of Daniel Sosa. Wait for it – nolle prosequi.

I’m not as angry as I should be that we put more stock into the crowning of a queen by Moya than the raping of our lands and illicit enrichment by Vega. She crazy. He sane. He alright.

We tolerate, hesitate, pontificate but never agitate. Red or Blue, you know these words to be true. I’m not angry because we are not angry. We are 36 years this September. It is what it is. We don’t get angry. We celebrate mediocrity.

Hip hip hooray, Belize.

Valerie Woods

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