General — 09 February 2010 — by Aaron Humes
Baldemar Moguel, 53, shot dead in Orange Walk store
Police continue to investigate the vicious killing of a prominent businessman Thursday night in Orange Walk Town, the second homicide there in two weeks.
This time the gunshots rang out on Stadium Street at D&J Supermarket, around 8:00 p.m. Thursday. Baldemar Moguel and his wife Cristina, who live upstairs, were serving customers in the store when two men walked in, dressed in red and white shirts respectively.
They ordered beans, and while Moguel was on his way back from getting them, the red-shirted man opened fire, hitting Moguel in the head, chest, abdomen and right hand with three shots, while another two struck the refrigerator inside the store.
The gunman then turned to Cristina to shoot her, but failed after pulling the trigger twice, as all the rounds had been expended on Baldemar. The two then fled in a Toyota Corolla, which has since been impounded.
Police initially detained two suspects, have since taken in a third, and are in the process of going through their evidence in preparation to lay charges, but the killing has scared residents of the immediate area.
Compounding the fear are reports that the robbers took nothing from the store, which appears to rule out robbery as a possible motive.
Moguel, from Amandala’s records, is the tenth murder victim recorded this year and fourth in February.

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