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Be careful, my Santa Cruz and Conejo people

October 29, 2007
Mr. Russell Vellos
Editor in Chief
Dear Sir,
Wherever the Great Leader, the Great Hero of the Southern Maya, Julian Cho, is, he is rejoicing for the Santa Cruz and Conejo villagers’ victory. But be careful, my dear brothers and sisters, you have won a battle, but not the war.
Receive greetings from your brothers and sisters, the Maya and the Maya/Mestizos of Corozal, for your victory of one of so many battles. FELICIDADES, en hora buena.
This is an example my black brothers and sisters should look at with attention. While my people were fighting against the Spaniards for them not to dominate this part of the Maya World, you, my ancestors, were still in Africa.
When the British came and slaughtered my people, the Maya, from the coast side, they had to run more inland. That is why when the British brought our ancestors, the Africans, as slaves in the same ship which you are so proud of on your flag, and throw our ancestors as sub-humans in the same swampy place you are living and gave them saw, mallet, axe and paddle for them to slave for their mother country (England), you did not see the Maya, my other ancestors. Your masters made you believe that this was a piece of land and sky from Mother England.
Our ancestors, the African slaves, knew nothing about a Maya World and its people in those days. You were taught that the Maya were wild savages, and after, that they were “pania” or Spaniards, and you should hate them to the bottom of your heart so as to make your masters happy and you can gain their trust and favor.
I am trying very hard for you to understand the reason and the true meaning of your National Flag and Anthem, and how it divided us instead of uniting us as a people. The descendants of the Icaiche are united in an organization at San Jose Palmar in Orange Walk. We have our Maya and Maya/Mestizo organizations in Corozal. There is a Maya organization in Toledo.
But, what about you from Belize District? You had a Black Summit. Why hasn’t there been an interest for us all to be united before it’s too late? We are all sons of the Belizean Soil. There is no British sky over us; this is not a piece of England. This is the Maya land and we are the result of the clash of races, culture and history.
Be careful, my dear brothers and sisters from Santa Clara and Conejo villages. Don’t fall into temptations. They come in your image and likeness for what you have. The war is not over.
(Signed)     Clinton Uh Luna
                 Finca Solana
                 Corozal Town
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