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Before coronavirus, 50% of our people were living at, or below the poverty line

Take government house of Belmopan and convert it into the best hospital of Central America. Stop renting buildings for government departments. Neoliberal capitalists seek one globalized world system under one law, one God and one superpower. Can you, Belize, defend yourself against such a system? Do you have the manhood/womanhood to take a stand against COVID-19? I doubt it very much. This proven fact was shown during the Guatemala- Sarstoon River issue. I listened to many of your Belizean intellectuals make suggestions as if they have the absolute solution on how to solve the financial and economic crisis of this country by using the neoliberal capitalist school of thought. However, not even those who invented such a system can solve their own financial breakdown without the use of the starving majority who are falling on the battlefield against the most terrible weapon, which is well known as COVID-19.

It is fair enough for those of you to demand tightly closed borders as one of the solutions for stopping the deadly virus that has already spread throughout the nation. Nevertheless, I wonder if those of you have sincerely taken into account how are you going to feed at least the 50% of Belizeans who, previous to the coronavirus, were already living in poverty and below the poverty line, plus the unemployed. If you haven’t, then let me suggest that you start selling your jewelry and fancy things so that these people can have food to eat, or we will be in your kitchen.

On the other hand, there are those of you who are expecting the new government to do miracles, and all kinds of senseless suggestions are made to them. An action brings a reaction. If it was in my hands, I would set up a radical dictatorship and nationalize it all. Of course, I would not trust any Belizean. In this case, my personal and national security would have to be brought from elsewhere. In a twinkle of an eye we would have food, a vaccine against COVID-19 and other diseases with a flow of doctors and nurses who are well-qualified in such illnesses and other fields.

Are you ready, Belizeans, to changer your Westminster monarchy model to a more promising one? “Only the people can save the people,”. It’s your game.

[email protected]
27th November 2020
Finca Solana
Corozal Town

Note: The following has nothing to do with the above. My most sincere respects goes out to the Commissioner of Police, Mr. Chester Williams. Excellent work, Señor Williams.

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