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Belize Muslim Community

SportsBelize Muslim Community

Belize District’s Muslim Community School girls and Crooked Tree Gov’t School boys win 2014 Primary School Softball Nationals

The National Primary School Softball Championships got underway today with games being played at two separate venues including the Rogers Stadium and Queen’s Square Football Field in Belize City.

Six teams, each representing one of the 6 districts of Belize, squared off in both the male and female categories from 9:00 a.m. until late evening, when the female and male winners were crowned at the conclusion of the tournament.

Participating district champion teams were:

Belize District – (Female – F) Muslim Community; (Male – M) Crooked Tree Gov’t.

Cayo District – (F) Camalote St. Jude RC; (M) Camalote St. Jude RC.

Corozal District – (F) Corozal Methodist; (M) Xaibe RC.

Orange Walk District – (F) Carmelita Gov’t; (M) Carmelita Gov’t.

Stann Creek District – (F) Richard Quinn RC; (M) Independence Primary.

Toledo District – (F) Aguacate RC; (M) Aguacate RC.

The 1st round results for the FEMALE category are as follows:

Game 1: Camalote St. Jude RC defeated Corozal Methodist, 5-4. The winning pitcher (WP) was Leonie Aldana, and the losing pitcher (LP) was Nayeli Perez. Game 2: Muslim Community defeated Carmelita Gov’t, 18-2. WP – Issenie Ciego, and LP – Eva Landaverde. Game 3: Richard Quinn RC defeated Camalote St. Jude RC, 10-8. WP – Eliciey Ramirez; LP – Leonie Aldana. Game 4: Muslim Community defeated Aguacate RC, 6-2. WP – Issenie Ciego; LP – Philadelphia Ical. Game 5: Richard Quinn RC defeated Corozal Methodist, 12-5. WP – Eliciey Ramirez; LP – Nayeli Perez. Game 6: Carmelita Gov’t defeated Aguacate RC, 9-2. WP – Eva Landaverde; LP – Philadelphia Ical. Game 7: Richard Quinn RC defeated Carmelita Gov’t, 12-1. WP – Eliciey Ramirez; LP – Eva Landaverde. Game 8: Muslim Community defeated Camalote St. Jude RC, 23-0. WP – Issenie Ciego; LP – Leonie Aldana.

In the MALE category, the 1st round results were:

Game 1: Camalote St. Jude RC defeated Xaibe RC, 2-1. WP – Jamal Orellano; LP – Rudgy Sanker. Game 2: Crooked Tree Gov’t defeated Carmelita Gov’t, 7-2. WP – Kristian Tillett; LP – Levan Wewe. Game 3: Independence Primary defeated Camalote St. Jude RC, 5-2. WP – Camron Linarez: LP – Jamal Orellano. Game 4: Crooked Tree Gov’t defeated Aguacate RC, 10-0. WP – Kristian Tillett; LP – Benjamin Kuk. Game 5: Independence Primary defeated Xaibe RC, 6-0. WP – Camron Linarez; LP – Rudgy Sanker. Game 6: Aguacate RC defeated Carmelita Gov’t, 7-3. WP – Benjamin Kuk; LP – Levan Wewe. Game 7: Independence Primary defeated Aguacate RC, 11-3. WP – Camron Linarez; LP – Calvin Cal. Game 8: Crooked Tree Gov’t defeated Camalote St. Jude RC, 10-1. WP – Kristian Tillett; LP – Jamal Orellano.

The consolation (3rd place) matches were as follows:

In the FEMALE game, Carmelita Gov’t defeated Camalote St. Jude RC, 5-4. WP – Eva Landaverde; LP – Leonie Aldana.

In the MALE game, Camalote St. Jude RC defeated Aguacate RC, 7-2. WP – Jamal Orellano; LP – Calvin Cal.

In the Championship matches:

FEMALE – Muslim Community School girls defeated Richard Quinn RC School girls, 11-4. The winning pitcher was Issenie Ciego, and the losing pitcher was Eliciey Ramirez.

MALE – Crooked Tree Gov’t School boys defeated Independence Primary School boys, 5-1. The winning pitcher was Kristian Tillett, and the losing pitcher was Camron Linarez.

The MVP in the female category was Issenie Ciego of Muslim Community School, while the male MVP was Ethan Wade of Crooked Tree Gov’t School.

(Special thanks to Ms. Barbara Cadle, Sports Coordinator for the Belize District Branch of the Belize National Sports Council, for providing the results of the games.)

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