Letters — 06 October 2018
Belize can only draw, or lose …

Dear Editor,

“To go or not to go to the ICJ;” that is the question. Just borrowing from Shakespeare.

For Mr. Elrington to have fought for sixty years to go, and now Belizeans are against it, must be mind-boggling to him and those who believe we should go.

Belizeans are already skeptical of courts, and compounded by all of our losses in international cases, we cannot be blamed.

Sixty years is very long, and short at the same time; time is relative. Still, many things have happened in Belize since then, including a couple threats of invasion from Guatemala. The British, and a couple natural disasters (God), have helped our little country remain intact.

The United Nations has already declared that people have a “right to self-determination” and “no borders shall be altered by force”, the reason for the world to be against Russia’s annexing of the Crimea. Britain has recently committed support to Ukraine on this matter.

Isn’t it unwise on our part to take this matter to court when the world has already declared this land as, “Our Country”.

If we vote “No”, what happens? Will the world condemn us? Will Guatemala get a green light to invade us?

Methinks not. America does not want any more refugees running to its borders, nor will Mexico appreciate this. If Britain can commit to the Ukraine, it must commit to its spawn — Belize. They can keep Guatemala in check without major confrontations. Taiwan is not afraid: why should we be? The world can do without more refugees.

Guatemala can draw or win; Belize can only draw or lose.

Romel Cuello

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