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Belize holds second binational commission with El Salvador

HighlightsBelize holds second binational commission with El Salvador

Photo: Delegation at 2nd Binational Commission

BELMOPAN, Mon. Dec. 5, 2022

Last Friday, delegations from the Government of Belize and the Government of the Republic of El Salvador met in Belmopan to engage in the 2nd Binational Commission meeting between the two countries. The meeting was held at the vice-ministerial level, with the Belizean delegation being led by the CEO of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, Ambassador Amalia Mai. El Salvador’s delegation was led by H.E. Adriana Mira, Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs for that country.

Belize and El Salvador first established diplomatic relations sometime around 1985 and have been working closely in the areas of trade, commerce, and tourism for many years. The commission was formed to facilitate the exchange of views between the countries on matters of mutual interest and to expand the bilateral relations between the two nations.

A Government Press Office release states that the parties “highlighted the strong and cordial relations between the two nations as well as the interest to continue strengthening the constructive dialogue and expanding areas of mutual interest.”

It states that both countries have agreed to put in place policy plans and programs in key areas such as “economy, trade and commerce, tourism, culture, security, migration, and agriculture.”

Belize was also recognized by the delegation from El Salvador for its decision to extend the Amnesty 2022 program, an initiative which the country applauds.

“Both countries reiterated their commitment to continue addressing the issue of migration with a holistic view based on a human rights approach, shared responsibility, and non-discrimination,” the release states.

A third binational meeting is scheduled to take place in 2024 in El Salvador on a date to be determined by the two countries. Officials from several ministries of both countries participated in the meeting.

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