Letters — 18 May 2019
Belize, this is not the time to lie down and play dead while we await the verdict of the ICJ

Dear Editor,

Now that Belizeans have said we will put the unfounded claim in the hands of the ICJ, it signals the beginning of a new era of struggle. All Belizeans are now on the same side and in the same boat. Those who voted YES and those who voted NO and those who didn’t vote must now unite and take this struggle to the world.

We must now revive the spirit of nationalism and patriotism that we expressed in the 1950’s and 60’s on our road to independence. Let us start treating our western and southern borders with the respect that they deserve.

The Belizean flag should be displayed on the labels of all Belizean products and we should wear more shirts that show Belize as a sovereign and independent nation.

I call on Belizean musicians like the Mighty Lord Rhaburn, Cocono Boy, Marylyn Vansen and others to create songs that promote the love for Belize and the right to remain a free nation.

Let us keep CARICOM, The Commonwealth, Africa, Cuba and all other nations abreast of our struggle and we must also start a campaign in all our embassies to seek the support of our nation’s friends.

Belizeans, we have a struggle! To accomplish, let the work begin. LONG LIVE BELIZE!

Respectfully Yours,
Alfonso De La Cruz Ramirez, SR., J.P.

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