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2nd March 2018– What a terrible indictment of the whole Nation of Belize by the man who is aspiring to be leader of his nation!

The Deputy reminds me of the farmer whose bedroom hangs over the empty space above the corral in which for ten years his prized stallions have fed off blush grass. Upon awaking he peers down and gasps. His horses are gone!  And so is the bush grass they used to eat. Is he shocked?

Am I unkind or unfair if I remark that he should have known better.  The gates of the corral had never been checked to verify that the locks were secure. What is the proverb that warns against making sure too late?

I wish I were a great satirist able to write using animals and other cartoons to avoid calling names.

The United Nations seems to want to help us fight corruption, thanks!  But it is OUR battle, and we must do what must be done!

International agencies suffer greatly in Belize from a credibility gap. To many Belizeans they pretend to offer development and progress, but in effect, create other problems. Greater problems because they are conducive to immoral, cultural corruption. These are by far more difficult because they are not at first seen. The Hon. Deputy should be a master of this game, but maybe he is not, because he supports the various so called progressive ideas.

Who was it that was at the head of the list to promote the Homosexual Agenda? Who introduced it into our schools as “enlightened scientific knowledge”?

Anyone who has read and pored over the Preamble of the Belize Constitution should know that real quality of life improvements in Belize will not proceed from agendas that promote progress through plans that kill and destroy – including real human life.

The real, best leaders of Belize are those men and women who have understood the true values of man.

The Deputy, if he becomes Prime Minister, will be constitutionally empowered to choose the Chief Justice, the head of the most powerful Oversight Agency.  Does he realize that he will have the authority and power to choose any friend who is a lawyer?  Does friendship constitute competence, honesty, integrity to suit one to be Chief Justice of Belize?

It would be undiplomatic to tell the UN we don’t want their help, but we have to “knock our own ting.”

We already have legally constituted and instituted Oversight Agencies given to us by the UDP during their 93-98 administration. They mostly have not worked to the advantage of the COMMON GOOD because of the flawed process of appointment. How can you choose a rat to mind the cheese? This is what has been done to the checks and balances of our governance: The Prime Minister, in effect, appoints all of them, even the Parliamentary ones.  After all he controls it through his majority.

Will the Red Deputy have the moral courage to resist the temptation of absolute power?  So far his credentials are dubious. For ten years he and others have joyfully endorsed the BTL SCAM which consumed hundreds of millions of dollars to favour family friends and chosen ones. With gay abandon he enjoyed the misuse of the Petrocaribe millions, feasting on tacos and beer while intimate friends plunged luxury vehicles into the Caribbean!

Inevitably in a democracy a choice, or choices, must be made.

The BLUE aspirant so far has not been very impressive – only if you go back into our recent history.  I believe that he was the catalyst that helped to create the G7 Movement – the resistance, the rebellion against the also popular principle of COLLEGIALITY.  What a devilish idea, thinking that if you decide with the crowd you remove your own personal responsibility.  I pray for those who joined the RED TIDE sincerely believing that they could do more good from within than without.

I have never, never, had any doubt that in Belize INDIVIDUAL responsibility is supreme. And this is what makes democracy the best form of government.

Individual responsibility is a moral concept and this is why Christian Democracy is superior to all other democratic forms.

The human being is both a physical and a spiritual reality.  If public laws and policies continue to ignore spiritual values, there is a continuous spiral downwards into the mud and filth of crime, bestiality and death!

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