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Belize’s KREM broadcasting team makes history!

HighlightsBelize’s KREM broadcasting team makes history!

By Bilal Morris

Yours truly has helped to facilitate the KREM broadcasting team from Belize since they have arrived in Los Angeles, California, on Friday June 3, 2022 to cover the Summit of the Americas. Before the Summit of the Americas started, the KREM broadcasting team was doing reports on the Los Angeles Belizean community and the Belizean diaspora of L.A.

I don’t know if Belizeans at home and abroad are watching the KREM WUB shows with Mose Hyde straight out of South Central Los Angeles since Monday June 6, 2022. I have produced many of those shows alongside Mose Hyde, and there have been many Belizean personalities who are the movers and shakers of the Belizean diaspora in L.A. that have been featured both on the WUB and the KREM news.

Many of these features were also broadcasted on KREM’s evening and morning news, which are produced by the hardworking and constructive Belizean broadcast journalist Marisol Amaya and which have contained some informative reports on the Summit of the Americas

The reports continue to be compiled and produced, and Belizeans both at home and abroad are encouraged to watch the KREM news segments every day this week, because Marisol has done some very amazing, entertaining and informative features on the Belizean diaspora here that you are not going to see on the KREM WUB.

Where else would you have gotten a report like the one the KREM News did on the Belizean prime minister at the Summit of the Americas on Thursday June 9, 2022 but on the eclectic and informative KREM News?  And this has been the work of one of Belize’s best broadcast journalists of the time, Marisol Amaya, and her camera man, Mose Hyde.

I have to big up Marisol after having moved with her to many of the beats she covered and watched her work. She is an amazing Belizean broadcast journalist. Her reports on the summit continue throughout this week as she continues to work hard in producing the next news segment for the KREM News.

There have been a lot of sacrifices that have been made that brought the KREM news team here, but I can tell you that they have been nothing else but professional. They have made history, because this is the first time a Belizean broadcasting team has come abroad to cover the Summit of the Americas, while also featuring the Belizean diaspora in L.A.

Kudos to both my sista Marisol Amaya and my brother Mose Hyde. Two giants in Belizean broadcasting.

(Photos through the courtesy of yours truly)

Photo 3 — Belize’s KREM television and broadcasting team, with news director Marisol Amaya and producer Mose Hyde, interviews Belizean Leslie Bradley of Twin World Travel Agency in the Los Angeles Belizean community.

Photo 2 — The third in a series of shows in the Los Angeles Belizean community in South Central LA with KREM’s host Mose Hyde and guest, BREDAA’s Nuri Akbar. Live from the Belizean diaspora on Wednesday June 8, 2022.

Photo 1 — Yours truly Bilal Morris on the set of the Wake Up Belize morningtalkshow alongside Mose Hyde on June 9, 2022, live and direct out of South Central Los Angeles, California.

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