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Guats bex after submission of Honduras’ claim to the ICJ

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$5 minimum wage by New Year 

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Belize City Council Receives Half Million Grant from Japan

BELIZE CITY, Thurs. Dec. 1, 2022 In a...

Better our Democracy

FeaturesBetter our Democracy

The Belizean people have been waiting for a change in the political system, but more than anything, what we citizens want is a better way of life. We all generally seek the same goals. Without the need to carry out an impartial investigation into the way us citizens think about political parties, we can find out from the changes in the political administration, that is, the opportunity that the people have given to each political party. This shows that the majority of citizens do not belong to any political party in particular. I would like to suggest to whom it may concern, the following: why don’t we try to make philosophy work in our political bases, setting as our first objective, to improve our democracy? Now I ask myself, what is democracy? According to a dictionary in the Spanish language, it says the following:

  • (From the Greek give us, people and dealings, authority) Government in which the people exercise sovereignty.

Now, what is sovereignty?

  • Supreme authority: The sovereignty of the people. State of the political power of a nation or an organization that is not subject to the control of another nation or another organization. National sovereignty, which corresponds to the people, from whom all the powers of the state emanate.

According to the Constitution, Belize is a “Sovereign Nation”, but in order to achieve national sovereignty, it is necessary to allow the participation of the people, forming small societies and thus being able to contribute to public administration decisions. For example; Regardless of the representatives and their divisional committee, sections could be formed between each division and at the same time citizens’ committees could be formed for each section. Each committee must be selected by its neighbors. The responsibility of this committee would be the fight to achieve justice, social welfare and the quality of services in a continuous work of management and agreement with the Government.

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November 13, 2022
Finca Solana
Corozal Town

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