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Better to be safe than sorry

Dear Editor,
The more we study the virus, the more we are convinced that the face masks are most important, plus washing of hands and social distancing, to avoid the pandemic.

In the beginning, I blamed the WHO and CDC for discouraging people from using the masks because they were fearful that there would not be enough for the frontline workers.

If the masses had used the masks, there would have been less deaths and no need for so many hospitalizations.

But now that it is imperative, and even mandatory, that people use the masks, there are some foolish persons who are reluctant to use it.

All around Belize, you can see them using the masks as chin straps. For example, I went shopping at a hardware store on the Philip Goldson Highway. Upon entering the store, the security officer made sure customers wore their masks properly. That was good.

When I got the receipt and proceeded to pick up the item at the warehouse, 8 out of 10 employees and customers were without masks or had it as chin straps. That was terrible.

Also, the village buses that pass in front of our store in Orange Walk, had full capacity, and barely anyone had on a mask. If only one person is infected, we will have many more, and the lockdown will be worse than before.

These are the situations the police should be monitoring.

It is now known that the virus can be spread by the breath, rides the air, and doesn’t have to be coughed or spat out.

If you are a caring person, why do the authorities have to mandate that you wear a mask? Use your common sense, and love for yourself and fellow man, and don your mask.

As Dr. Manzanero says, treat everybody as if they are infected.

Our sister city, Chetumal, presently has 264 cases, with 22 deaths.

Same problem there. One of my friends was going to the market there, and on seeing the amount of people without masks or practicing social distancing, he decided to turn back and return to his village. Better to be safe than sorry.
Need we say more?

Romel Cuello

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