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Blame at mother’s doorsteps

Mother’s Day is on the horizon. I know because I hear about the special splashdown being planned for mommies on KREM Radio everyday. And, I expect all other media in Belize are planning their special throw down, too. Fathers can’t complain. No daddy ever carried no baby for nine months. No matter how they love you, no daddy would carry no baby for no nine months.  I guess we weren’t designed that way. So, the cake goes to mom … every time.
Thinking about it, for all they’ve done, we shouldn’t blame maa for anything. So, call this piece: at mother’s doorstep – begging on our knees for mothers to wake up and straighten out these fay-si Americans.
Ignorance is bliss, where ‘tis folly to be wise. There is no folly in mothers’ wising up to the real about weed …and what is happening to their boy children because of this crazy law.
I don’t know which came first, if it was the rights of women to vote in the USA, or Prohibition. If Prohibition came first, then we can say that one good thing that came from that terrible evil, was women feeling their oats, and demanding the right to vote … and improving their status in this world. Everything else about Prohibition was out of order. Stamp down a man for drinking in public. Stamp down a man for driving drunk. Stamp down a man; give him triple time in jail if he hits his beloved wife …and there is the sniff of alcohol on his breath. Take away a man’s right to drink fermented sugarcane in his little corner of the world, and you have crossed the line.
On the matter of weed, our women are being led down the creek by their pastors. Pastors are wonderful, but we will not get any sense from them about weed because on matters of this world, they generally take their lead from America. So, we have to by-pass them and take our case directly to our gentle partners. Prohibition led to murder and incarceration and vice in government. This weed law leads directly to murder and incarceration of your sons and vice in government. So.
Mothers, only you can stop this terrible downslide in our society. The problem is not weed: the problem is the criminal law. America (the ones who have the bomb) cannot stand against mothers united. Please, try and learn all you can about weed, and swiftly. Your pastor has the key to heaven. Misery on earth, well, we have to take matters into our own hands. If you march, the walls will tumble down. We can say no to weed without this crazy law.
Imagine, in all the bad that’s going on around us, an eagle-eyed policeman spots a pigtail bucket with two plants formed by the hands of the same One that made the hairy lion, and the hippopotamus. And a man loses his freedom. Come on, we men do not have enough of the you-know-what we should have, to try and change this criminal law. And, if we got crazy and tried, they’d call out their (our) army to stamp us down. More bloodshed. We love you, mommies. Happy, happy Mother’s Day … everyday. Now please to stamp down Babylon and set your sons free. Only you can do it. Love. Always.
They weren’t so powerful
Exaggerating the relationship between the rag-tag white Baymen and the British Crown does not serve truth. According to the records, there were about 200 white people (not all of them men – some were Bay children, and some were Bay women) in Belize in 1798. They must have been very ambitious indeed, when their numbers were even less, to attempt to enslave the mighty Maya. These white men, weh sea breeze blow from the British Isles, were a bunch of rum-hound rapscallions. They did not have the “cross.” They were not the power in the region. To survive, the rag-tag white Baymen formed alliances with the Maya, and the Miskito Indians (Waika). More likely, they offered slave wages to the proud Maya (as they did to the Waika, and free colored (sounds familiar?)), and were rebuffed.
I am proud of our Mayan ancestors for resisting all attempts to subjugate them, but I am decidedly uncomfortable at the suggestion that our African ancestors were wimps and fools. The fact is that our African ancestors were kidnapped, and brought here in the holds of stinking ships, blindfolded. They landed in a strange land, thousands of miles away from home. To survive, they formed alliances. And on September 10, 1798, they formed an unusual alliance that would change the course of history. The beautiful Jewel was born at “this noble spot.”
Mr. Uh Luna charges that it’s just beautiful words to justify the slavemasters’ behavior towards our African ancestors. Please, you don’t need to tar a black man to make him darker. On many scores, the white Baymen were no great heroes around here. But, I am not about to condemn them for their share in the birth of the Jewel. Nobody is all bad.
As for Belize being original Mayaland, I have absolutely no quarrel with that. Hurray for our ancestors, the Maya. I pray they have no regrets about their Kriol offspring who goh on like dehn da baahn ya.
For a bigger piece of this pie for those who get shayr out of the peaceful, constructive, Belizean revolution!
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