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Bomb threat phone number identified 

BELIZE CITY, Fri. May 28, 2021– In an interview on Friday, the Commissioner of Police updated the media on the department’s investigation into the bomb threats that were made via phone to two Government offices last week.

Commissioner Williams announced that they have identified the phone number attached to the telephone connection that was used to make the call, and based on that number, officers are now working on identifying the individual who owns the phone.

“We have looked at the issue of the bomb threat. We have obtained the number that made the call. We have also obtained a name. But you know that people do put fictitious information. Nonetheless, we are looking at the number we have obtained with a view to ascertain [who] the owner of the phone is. And if we can get to that information, then the owner will have to give an account to how his or her number was able to call the Treasury Department in Belize City and report a bomb threat,” Williams said.

During the interview, the Police Commissioner added that the newly elected president of the Public Service Union (PSU), Dean Flowers, had said on the morning of the bomb threat that they would leave their members to determine the course of action that would be taken.

“Maybe that could be one of their courses of action. It can be deduced that it is members of the unions who did it. Our deduction could be right; it could be wrong. But we have no evidence at this time today definitively that it came from a member of the union,” Williams shared.

During an address at Friday’s sitting of the House of Representatives, Prime Minister John Briceño remarked, “I finish by saying that we are still reaching out to our brothers and sisters, to the unions. I know a few of them are out here today demonstrating, as is their right, and we respect that.”

He added, however, “We need to make also something clear. It is not in their right to be able to call people, anybody, to be calling for bomb threats or to be stopping people from going to work, because then you are infringing on the constitutional rights of others. “
Police continue to investigate.

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