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Brawl erupts at football match in Belmopan

SportsBrawl erupts at football match in Belmopan

by Charles Gladden

BELMOPAN, Mon. Nov. 13, 2023

On Friday night, November 10, a brawl erupted during a football match between players of Blackman Eddy Bulldogs and Valley Junior FC along with several fans inside the Isidoro Beaton Stadium in Belmopan.

While the reason for the fracas is not clear, it is known that it occurred during the match between the two clubs in the Second Division; however, video clippings of the brawl have made rounds via social media, and have gone viral. The video shows multiple fights happening in the bleacher section and on the field, with an audience viewing what appeared to be a water bottle thrown in the air.

The video then pans to the field where another brawl is taking place between players from both clubs and fans, with the match umpire attempting to separate all involved, and the video clip ends before the audience at home can see the end.

The video was also seen by Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams, who expressed his anger and disappointment to the media.

“I am extremely disappointed and annoyed about that incident in Belmopan. I can say that upon seeing that bit of footage the next day, I instructed the police to ensure that all those persons involved are identified and arrested and charged,” he said.

“… It cannot be that we have people go to these public events and behave in such a way that they create some level of unsafety on the part of the attendees of these events. Those persons organizing these football games and other public events need to ensure that they have adequate police security at these events to avoid things that are occurring,” he added.

According to ComPol Williams, when the brawl occurred there were only four officers stationed at the match, and he described it as “inappropriate”.

“I have instructed the OOCs across the country to ensure that whenever we have these types of events we have adequate security and the organizers will have to pay,” he said.

A press release issued by the Belmopan Football Association stated, “While the investigation is ongoing, the BFA assures the public that the appropriate actions will be taken to address any misconduct or breach of fair play. Transparency and accountability remain integral to the association’s mission, and updates on the investigation and disciplinary decisions will be communicated promptly.”

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