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Brian Plummer’s feelings on COVID-19

Dear Editor,
On April 17, 2020, oil was US$18.27 a barrel. This is an indication of low economic activity globally causing a massive decrease in demand and a large supply.

As of April 17, Belize has 18 confirmed COVID-19 cases, while at the end of March, there were only 3 cases. The evidence suggests the current strategy is not effective.

A better strategy is personal protective equipment, and the South Korean strategy of test, treat and track. South Korea has not locked down, yet has only 10,653 cases, 18 new cases and 232 dead. South Korea’s population is 51.3 million, with a population density of 527\ km2.

South Korea is 81.8 % urban with a median age of 43.7 years.

Belize has a population of 396,100, with a population density of 17\km2; and it is 46.1 % urban with a median age of 25.5 years. The more dense, the more urban, and the older the demographic of, a country, the more deadly the effects of COVID-19 should be.

I am skeptical about social distancing and lockdown because they are difficult to implement and in the long-term, counterproductive. If you have lockdown and curfew and less opening hours for businesses, you create more density of people at the grocery store, etc., which is anti-social distancing.

The economic effect of lockdown creates financial stress, and countless research shows stress lowers immunity.

It would be more rational to wear protective equipment (PE) like a mask, protect the very young and old and open the economy so people can strive. Treat the COVID-19 as a pandemic rather than a magic show.

Yours truly,
Brian Ellis Plummer

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