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Brings back memories

Dear Editor,
I was very impressed with the “Historical Article” written by the Publisher, Mr. Evan X Hyde. His mentioning of the late Philip S.W. Goldson, George C. Price, Herman Jex, Leigh Richardson et al, brings back memories of the great struggle of our then leaders, even though the late George Price was not in the fight and struggle initially.

For the benefit of Mr. Hyde, after sometime living in Trinidad, Leigh moved to New York, and so did Herman Jex. I was associated with them both as I was a member of many Belize Organizations, the first of which was the “British Honduras Cosmopolitan Benevolent Association” headed by the late Percy Ewing, a former Postmaster General and whose position was taken over by Evan’s father.

Finally, it must be noted that there were many more former patriots, one of which is the late Antonio Soberanis and his story can be cited in the ”Publication of Belizean Studies of St. John’s College {BISRA}.”

Adolphus A. Rosales

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