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Buen Abad’s analysis of AMLO’s speech— Part 4

Here is Part 4 of Fernando Buen Abad’s analysis of a portion of a speech given by the president of Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, on July 24, 2021, which was posted on Youtube by RompevientoTV. The analysis was given by Fernando Buen Abad, who holds a doctorate in Philosophy and Communicational Philosophy, during an interview conducted by Ernesto Ledesma and Alberto Nájar.

Alberto Nájar: Fernando Buen Abad, I also have to admit that when we are listening to the president’s speech, at that moment, it came to me, when we were in the morning talk show, and the president of Bolivia, Lucho, asked a question about the issue of lithium in Bolivia and putting as example, the battle that I think we have to fight here against the mining companies and all this reform that we consider very important to be carried out regarding the mineral law in Mexico and because of the president’s statements, Lucho’s, they were tremendous.

Well, I had never heard him say that it was precisely lithium that, for that reason, led to the coup d’état, and said by the president of Bolivia, that would have been a devastating statement. When I was listening to the speech of the president López Obrador, I must admit that one of those concerns entered me because it is not a minor speech, from my point of view; it has a very very important sense of depth and it also came to another thought that it has to do with the attitude of the president today 2 years 8 months or 9 into his term with Biden in the presidency of the United States and the attitude of the president in his first two years with Donald Trump. I feel the attitude is different, a president identified as more confrontational perhaps from my point of view, not only with the United States but with the hegemonic powers that exist in the American continent. What is your reading of this, Fernando Buen Abad? I have to admit that it happened when he was most lacking when he said this. Can you imagine that even if the distance did not exist that is how the images of the Ku Klux Klan fight came to him, all these characters, well that is how a lot of images came to me. What is your assessment on this point, my dear Fernando Buena Abad?

Fernando Buen Abad: In this regard, relations with the United States regardless of the presidents are always very difficult. A big mistake that I have heard from some analysts in the magazine nexus, for example, I have listened, stubbornly make a simplification that really does not seem to help us at all. We must first establish that it is a relationship as complex as represented by the history of the conflicts that we have had with them and only the current ones, from having lost half of the territory and to all the consequences that we have been seeing up to the present, of how CIA agents have infiltrated us, such as presidents of the country, of how they have looted us, threatened us, of how they have managed to qualify themselves to travel through the country armed and do their nails, in short.

Above all, we have to maintain a climate of international relations because a very important number of Mexicans are living there and those Mexicans need to exercise their right to come to their country and maintain ties with families and finally, all economic complexity of the free trade treaty and so on. So, what he went through like this in a very messy and processed way is nothing more than to say again that these relationships must be faced almost minute by minute. The dynamics of the tensions that are there, minute by minute, day by day, force you to have a very oiled political handle because where you screw up with one, you already know that there are a series of other consequences that are going to come to you, not only for good, but also for bad, mainly. Now, if there is a difference, of course, in the dialogue with Biden, but it is true, it would also be necessary to see what is seen and what is not seen, how the different tensions are operating.

(To Be Continued)
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September 5, 2021
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*Lucho, also known as Luis Alberto Arce Catacora, President of Bolivia

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