Letters — 17 August 2019
Building the fence before the house

Dear Editor,

Countries worldwide are faced with decisions of priority on a daily basis, and these countries develop in different ways according to how their leaders invest assets. Whether it’s the countries’ monies or loans or grants, the investments must be done in an intelligent way by means of smart choices.

Parents are also faced with decisions of priority on a daily basis. The child wants a new model schoolbag each year, when a pair of shoes should be the first priority.

Belize is no different when it comes to decisions of priority. What this country cries for, first and foremost, is low-income housing so its citizens can obtain an affordable roof over their heads.

Second is free education at least primary and secondary schooling.

Thirdly, we need more hospitals and clinics. Existing hospitals need upgrading and must be provided with a constant supply of medicine.

The list of priorities goes on, then come the roads, bridges and buildings, etc.

To accomplish all this, the country must be put to work! Jobs and opportunities must be created. Belize must begin to produce for its own consumption and for export. Belize cannot remain a country that imports almost everything for its survival.

Let’s start making smart decisions and place Belize on a true road to development.

Respectfully Yours,
Alfonso De La Cruz Ramirez, Sr., J.P.
P.S. Happy 50th birthday to the greatest newspaper of Belize. Amandala is Belize.

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