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It sure happened real fast

It hardly took a week before accredited and respected journalist, Janelle Chanona, resigned from Great Belize Productions, the company that owns Channel 5. Of course the prior owner, Mr. Stewart Krohn, “promised” that there would be no interference with news content by the new owners. Yeah, and my big male 20-pound domestic cat will run out into the bush and challenge a full grown jaguar for territorial supremacy!

Politics and football – Belize loses; FFB wins

It is time, and over time for our political leaders, who are in charge of guiding the development of our country’s economy, to realize and fully grasp the fact that sports in general, and football in particular in this region, aside from the health benefits it offers to the population, is a big business at the professional level, with the potential to generate significant revenues and jobs for our economy. But proper infrastructure must be in place.

Of this and that

Today, Thursday, I received an email from a woman who did not give her name, alleging serious sexual harassment in a major casino in the Corozal Free Zone by the son of an authority figure there.

Random thoughts on my way to Santa Cruz

Brother Clinton Uh Luna suggested in his piece on Tuesday that I sounded “vex” in my piece last Friday. No. I think I can explain with this intimate little story. I once looked a very close, very sharp brother in the eye and say: Brother, we have argued a lot and I have learned a lot from you. But I am dismayed to say that you have never learned anything from me. He said: don’t you know I argue to win!” I was astounded, and told him so. I only argue to improve my truth.

In it for the long haul

No, I wasn’t there for the first COLA march last Wednesday. The only reason for my absence was that 3rd term and yearly grades were due that day, and for the first time in my formal teaching career, which has ended now, I was really desperately behind, in part because I was sick as a dog that previous weekend. I have too much pride to go out on any level that would allow students and administration to question my dedication.

Paying tribute

The National 4-H Council held their annual general meeting last Saturday, June 21, at the George Price Memorial Centre in Belmopan. They were also celebrating the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the 4-H movement in Belize.

FFB and Ashcroft

Those young footballers squandered the love of a nation to follow an FFB they KNEW had murdered “fair play,” had flagrantly robbed the ’07 elections. A couple selfish traitors share the blame.

To be king in a democracy

If a very wealthy individual decided that he would be king in a small country like Belize, it would be possible for him to do so. The good citizens of the country, which is a democracy, would contend that their country has a Constitution which provides that they elect their representatives in free and fair elections and, that they are mandated to serve the best interests of the people, who are the only judges deciding their fate at the next general elections. Furthermore, the candidates are men and women of high integrity, who have answered the call to serve the nation, well deserving to be called “Honorable.” And, finally, these honorable men and women are required to swear an oath of office before God and man to perform their duties conscientiously and impartially, to uphold the Constitution and the Law and to do right to all manner of people, without fear or favor, affection or ill will.

Of this and that

The Hon. Prime Minister’s training as a lawyer is no doubt responsible for his great caution in making statements to the press, and in general, this is a good thing.

Senator Henry upset with PM

In a sea of sense, a very sober piece in my opinion (In Search of Truth, Amandala # 2241), Senator Henry Gordon teed off on the PM, suggesting that his decision to pull the Preventive Detention (PD) could be a dangerous/bad precedent, and reminded him that bad precedent does not make for good law.

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