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Cayo listens to Mark and Cordel

GeneralCayo listens to Mark and Cordel
Almost 100 supporters and prospective delegates of the People’s United Party (PUP) in the Cayo District gathered at the Cahal Pech Hotel in San Ignacio tonight to listen to PUP Leadership candidate Mark Espat, and Cordel Hyde. Espat and Hyde were accompanied by former Belmopan Mayor and Senator, Anthony Chanona.
The attendees at the meeting were from four Cayo Constituencies: Cayo West, Cayo Central, Cayo North and Cayo Northeast. Both Chanona and Hyde spoke in support of Mark Espat’s candidacy, with Hyde outlining the compelling reasons for his preference.
Hyde said, “We need a Leader who is always on the side of the people, one who will work everyday to restore the glory of the PUP, and one who will dedicate himself to improving the conditions of life for all our people, especially the poor. I know that Mark Espat is that person because I have been fighting this battle alongside him for many years now.”
Hon. Hyde also spoke passionately about the many battles within the government and the PUP, against the special interests.
In his address to a spirited audience, Mark Espat spoke of his experience as a community worker, his work on behalf of the PUP since 1989, his record in Albert and his accomplishments as a Minister of Government. Espat stressed the need to rebuild the PUP from the bottom up, to return the Party to its rightful owners – the people who vote blue, those who campaign and those who proudly carry the flag.
“I want to give voice to the voiceless and hope to the struggling. We need a new direction in the PUP, not more of the same,” declared Espat.
He promised renewal through a “grand coalition” of supporters, by focusing on support in rural communities, distributing party resources evenly, revamping Party branches such as the Youth, Women’s, Campaign and Public Relations arms, restoring party membership, empowering regional caucuses and constituency executives and returning power to the people.
Those attending the meeting were vocal in their support for increasing the number of PUP supporters eligible to vote in the Leadership Convention, and for making the voter’s list available immediately to the candidates. Currently, only 600 of the over 49,000 who voted for the PUP in the recent elections would be eligible to vote.
Espat and Hyde also took questions and listened to suggestions from the attendees.
John Briceño, another aspirant for PUP Leader, also spoke to the group, following Espat’s passionate presentation.

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