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Date: Thurs. Apr. 4, 2024 at 9:46/ AM

Subject: Check this!

To: Evan X Hyde

Honourable Faamly – This is horrendous and most people in the West are not even aware of it! But I thought I would “harass” you with my two-cent bit to get you somehow out of sadness.  I, myself, am feeling out of sync, now that David, my other sparring partner, and our kinsman, has left us to become an ancestor.

Nobody really knows the exact and possibly unusually large numbers of Palestinians killed and seriously wounded by this war of attrition and over-kill. No one should be surprised, at the end of the day, if over a million people had been killed by the Zionist State of Israel, largely with the aid of sophisticated American bombs and weaponry, the use of starvation of not only food and medicines, but the elimination of general access to health-care, by destroying the entire health architecture, as well as the valuable water supply.

The only reason why the Zionist state is now expelling Al Jazeera from Israel, is because it is the  only news organisation in the world which is embedded physically in Gaza and reporting directly from the war front. Without Al Jazeera, a media organisation headquartered in Qatar, staffed with highly trained and experienced journalists from all over the world, and possibly with the best salary structure in global journalism, we would never know the extent of this genocide and humanitarian tragedy happening in real time and before our eyes. Al Jazeera is visibly critical too of the various Arab autocracies in the Middle East, and is banned in such countries as Egypt and Saudi Arabia. 

This Gaza genocide involves a deliberate man-made famine and the whole scale destruction of hospitals and the killing of staff, so that the wounded, the sick, the malnourished and new born babies will all die in uncountable numbers. Also, the well-known strategy of shooting the messenger (Al Jazeera) to obscure the message, is being employed here. Naturally, the paper-thin excuse of the Zionists, is that Hamas fighters are hiding in hospitals. But are the thousands of Palestinian civilians killed and wounded in the Gaza Strip; and some killed, as well as others arrested in the West Bank for no reason, and are now in Israeli prisons, where they are systematically tortured and even die, all Hamas fighters? Are the women and children who make up to 50 per cent of those killed and wounded, all Hamas fighters?

This one-sided war, which is supposed to be waged only against Hamas, has blown its cover and shown its true colours. The goal is to deliberately eliminate as many Palestinians as possible, drive the starved and diseased survivors to the deserts of the Sinai and take over their land. After all, Jared Kushner, “The Donald’s” golden, Jewish son-in-law and a former high powered US government official during that one’s presidency, has said that the Gaza is one of the most valuable and best pieces of real estate in the entire Middle East.

However, from my knowledge of the lessons of history; and that there exists a rather vicious bitch called “Karma”, who is armed with a very, very  long memory, both the Zionist State of Israel, its main mentor, the US, which in most people’s view is a willing participant in genocide, along with the dominant politicians of Britain, Germany, etc., will all come to a very bad end. When the story of this period in world history is eventually chronicled, the chief dramatis personae will all be segregated and dumped into a Gallery of Liars, Rogues and Mass Murderers.

Hundreds of Al Jazeera’s journalists have been deliberately targeted and killed by Israel’s IDF. Western media organisations such as CNN, other major American TV channels, The NY Times, The Washington Post, The BBC, Sky, etc. have their correspondents deliberately sequestered in Israel with the Zionist propaganda arm, trotted out occasionally and accompanied to set war locations, and fed only with sanitised and heavily redacted versions of this war of attrition. But even at this, now and again, some semblance of the truth occasionally filters through.

Israel, for several decades, has seamlessly, relentlessly and effectively controlled the information/propaganda machine, as well as political access to power, in the US. Currently, this has been extended to America’s college campuses. Israel has, incidentally, exposed the main fault lines within the UN, and the ICJ, as well as the lopsidedness, hypocrisy, racism and lawlessness characterising the international system. It has ceaselessly worked against a two-state solution, and realistically, this is no longer feasible with most Palestinian land gone, having been swallowed by Israel.

The only reality is a state in which both nationalities will just have to exist – and as equals – which today may seem extremely farfetched. But we have seen a number of apparent impossibilities in life translate into reality. However, this Zionist state, may have over reached itself in attempting to control world opinion, especially in the most discerning parts of the global south.   Always, Thérèse.


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