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Circus, wine and bread for Belize?s 25th Anniversary of Independence

But since you are mentioning about another symposium for the 7thand 8thof September of this year, I as a common citizen look at it as another show for the 25thanniversary of the so-called Independence.

The Ministry of Education couldn?t get across to the general public to let us know and get an understanding about the National Education Summit of May 2004. I would like to beg you to please teach us about what was Assad Shoman?s discourses on such occasion.

A small amount of inhabitants in a very wealthy country with approximately 2040 square miles of sea, 8,867 square miles, islands, cayes, etc. what have you the educated Christians and political leaders did with Belize from 1964 with self-government to political independence in 1981 and from then until today 2006. We the citizens have paid with our labour and out of the slave salary we have been paying all the taxes that come to your imagination through other countries teachings combine with your smartness and intelligence, not to call it another name. The few have benefited from the Belizean masses to get an education. As Belize turns twenty-five this year, it is time that we stop depending solely on the government.

I asked myself, who is the government of Belize? Is it a private company? In that case we have no right to ask. But if the GOB is its people then that means that it?s the people of Belize who have been paying for the few to have an education. Our educational system have served the religious organizations and the political parties. The wealth for education was not distributed fairly. The workers union movement have been smash down by the same ones who they supported.

Today the working class should be benefiting from a fair salary with a 10% annual bonus from the net profit of the business they are serving. This would put the Belizean workers in a position where they can afford to pay for education, food, clothing, health care, housing, the right to take their family on vacation to know their own country. And not as how we are living today, as beggars.

The educational system should be divided in two classes, one for the poor which would be subsidized by the more fortunate ones administered by the GOB, and the other should be private for the wealthy Belizeans who can afford it. It?s time for the representatives of the government to put a stop on squandering the people?s wealth. It?s time for the NTUCB to set a plan for the laborers progress to the corresponding authorities for the working class in general. You are giving the people circus, wine and bread for Belize?s 25thanniversary.


(Signed) Clinton Uh Luna

Finca Solana

Corozal Town

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