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Coast Guard officer and policeman stabbed in separate incidents

GeneralCoast Guard officer and policeman stabbed in separate incidents

BELIZE CITY, Sun. Jan. 16, 2022– On Friday night, a police officer, Akeem Jones, 27, was stabbed while trying to part a fight in Belize City. Sometime after eleven o’clock, Jones and his companions were ending a night of socializing at a local establishment, when they saw two men assaulting someone at the corner of Water Lane and West Street. According to Jones, he recognized the person being beaten and stepped out of his vehicle to separate the participants in the fight. At that point, the man who was being assaulted took the opportunity to flee from the scene; however his two assailants then turned their attention to Jones and attacked him. Jones was able to free himself from the grip of the two men, and got into his vehicle, and drove away. He then realized, however, that he had been stabbed on his left hand and behind his right ear.

“We are investigating this matter. He was stabbed indeed. The nature surrounding the stabbing incident is being investigated because the establishment has surveillance video and we will do further reviews,” noted Communications Director for the Belize Police Department, ASP Fitzroy Yearwood.

Since then, police have detained Steven Flowers, 28, of Majestic Alley.

The second law enforcement officer to be assaulted over the weekend is Kyle Humes, 25, an officer of the Belize Coast Guard who was ambushed and stabbed outside of his home in Belize City. According to police, a little after 1:00 on Sunday morning, Humes had arrived at his home on Hart Street and, when exiting his vehicle, he was attacked by two men dressed in dark clothing, both of whom were armed with knives.

Humes received injuries to his upper right arm and face, and he also received two stab wounds to his left palm.

“From what the investigators put in this report, they are yet to do a detailed interview, because when Mr. Humes arrived at the hospital, the importance was for him to receive treatment for those injuries, and I know they were to follow up with him in obtaining a statement. Hopefully, when we get that statement, this attack was direct and personal, so we would get a better understanding of what may have caused these assailants to attack him in a brutal way,” stated ASP Yearwood as he addressed local media about the matter.

Both Jones and Humes were transported to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital, where they have been listed in a stable condition.

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