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Constable, injured by senior officer, wants to press charges

GeneralConstable, injured by senior officer, wants to press charges

BELIZE CITY, Thurs. Feb. 14, 2019– An unnamed police constable who allegedly suffered an injury at the hands of a senior police officer reportedly wants to pursue a criminal charge against the officer, who has so far not been named. The incident is said to have occurred at a police checkpoint somewhere in Belize City.

This matter surfaced about two days ago as a result of a Facebook post by Corporal Darrell “Tutsi” Usher, who has been on interdiction pending the outcome of a drug trafficking case.

Corporal Usher’s post depicts someone with a gash in his head. “Tonight I was told about a situation that happened at a police checkpoint in the city when it was visited by two ranking officers …,” Usher writes in his post.

Continuing, he wrote that a ranking officer asked the constable at the checkpoint, “Uno all right?,” to which the police constable reportedly responded, “ Yes, we are alright. I no know about uno?”

Usher’s Facebook post further related that the ranking officer, “came out and started to choke up the PC, then pick him up and slam the PC into the mobile [vehicle], causing him to get a cut in his head. Then the PC was taken to the police station to be detained by the Ranking.”

“The PC was taken to the hospital and given a medical form and word is that he is saying he wants court action for been assaulted on duty,” said Usher.

“Now a police on duty has been assaulted by a ranking officer for just answering back when he was asked a question. Due to rank, I guess it will be pushed under the carpet. Things like this no reach news,” Usher’s Facebook post continued.

In its newscast last night, 7News reported that the constable had been summoned for an audience with the Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams.

The newscast also mentioned that the senior officer involved in this incident is an ally of the new commissioner, and had just been transferred to one of the specialized police units in Belize City.

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