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Cop caught on camera trafficking Corona

GeneralCop caught on camera trafficking Corona

The police officer can be seen on a Tik Tok video carrying crates of what seems to be beer across the Belize/Guatemala border near Arenal village. A Corona beer logo can clearly be seen on one of the crates.

BELIZE CITY, Thurs. Aug. 11, 2022 In a Tik Tok video that was posted on Tuesday night, a person who appears to be a police officer can be seen carrying contraband beer during the daytime across the Belize- Guatemala border at Arenal, which is located in Cayo and straddles the border between the two countries. The video shows the officer with his arms around crates on which the Corona beer logo can be seen as he lumbers along an uphill path at the border crossing. In the video there is a Spanish caption. The English translation of that caption is, “how when the police say ‘don’t contraband’”.

The Tik Tok video was subsequently uploaded to other social media.

The Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams, after viewing the low-resolution video, has said that the police believe they know the identity of the officer, who was dressed in a camouflage uniform known to be worn by the Special Patrol Unit. He further said that he has called on the Professional Standards Branch to investigate the matter.

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