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Cop shot dead in ambush

His wife was also shot and is listed in a critical but stable condition in the hospital

BELIZE CITY, Thurs. Dec. 20, 2018– It appears that an ambush had been set up for a police constable by two men, who shot both the constable and his common-law wife. The cop has died as a result of the shooting.

This morning, around 10: 00 a.m. PC Modesto Cucul and his wife were fired upon as he drove his personal vehicle about a ¼ mile from the junction of the Crique Jute and San Antonio roads in the Toledo District.

Police this evening said that they received a report of a shooting and  went to the scene of the incident, where they saw a beige Chevy S10 pickup truck, without license plates, parked on the left side of the road when viewed from the perspective of someone traveling west from Crique Jute Village.

Beside the pickup truck was the body of a man of Mayan decent, lying face-down on the left side of the road near the bushes, with blood covering his face, neck, upper arm and neck.

The body was identified as that of Constable Modesto Cucul, 35, of Crique Jute Village. Cucul was attached to the Belmopan Police Station.

Police say that Cucul was driving his pickup truck, and his common-law wife, Anlavidia Cal, 35, of Maya Mopan Village, Stann Creek District, was along with him inside the pickup when they were ambushed by two men who were wearing masks over their faces.

Cucul, police say, was shot in the face while he was exiting the pickup truck from the driver’s side. He collapsed and died on the spot, while Cal sustained gunshot injuries to the mouth and left side of her body.

Cal was rushed to the San Antonio Polyclinic for treatment, but she was later transferred to the Punta Gorda Town Hospital, where she has been admitted in stable condition.

PC Cucul’s body was transported to the Punta Gorda morgue, after he was pronounced dead by Dr. Lydia Cruz.
Police reported that they have detained three persons in connection with the shooting.

Modesto Cucul and Frederico Tush are two police officers who were arrested and charged for the July 29, 2012 murder of Michael Valerio, which occurred in Punta Gorda Town.

Valerio was severely beaten by the two policemen, according to the evidence presented in the November 2014 trial in the Southern Session of the Supreme Court. Valero died two days after he was beaten.

In the trial without jury before Supreme Court Justice Dennis Hanomansingh, the two accused cops were acquitted because the prosecution witnesses could not properly identify them as the two officers who administered the fatal beating to Valerio upstairs Central Club, located on Front Street.

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