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Corozal F.A. Opening Season Week 15 final report

COROZAL TOWN, Mon. Jan. 20, 2020– We start off this week’s football report by giving thanks to the Almighty Father for His continued blessing and guidance throughout the past fifteen weeks of our tournament. Secondly, thanks to Amandala for allowing us the space in their sports section to keep you all well informed about our tournament. Thanks to all the fans and clubs owners; it is because of you all that we managed to deliver a successful tournament. It was very pleasing to see the big smiles in each and every player, from the U-10 to First Division; that smile gave us the reassurance of a job well done.

U10 Corozal Rising Stars; Coach – Mr. Saul Navarro, Sr.

Corozal Football Association (CFA) Management congratulates each and every club that participated in the CFA Opening Season Youth Tournament 2019-2020. Thank you, as we continuously share the same common goal, to work on youth development through football. Certainly, all these players are grateful for the opportunity, and I can assure you that most of them see you as a role model. Yes, we are creating an impact on them.

CFA Organizing Committee salutes and congratulates Einer Patt (Chunox FC) for his hard work, dedication, and always taking up, the leadership to keep his team under control and for always giving his best play.

U13 Concepcion Majestics; Coach – Mr. Jorge Pech, Sr.

We salute the four champions:

Also, to the 4 sub-champs and all teams: U10 – Calcutta Strikers; U13 – Corozal Invaders; U20 – Chunox FC; First Division – Ranchito Warriors.

U20 United Ballers; Coach – Mr. Luis Canelo

U20 Male Awardees: MVP – Einer Patt (Chunox FC); Most Goals – Shane Morgan, Jr. (United Ballers); Best Forward – Reiner Santoya (Chunox FC); Best Midfielder – Enrique Valdez (United Ballers); Best Defense – Wilmer “Bany” Chacon (United Ballers); Best Goalkeeper – Osmin Martinez (Chunox FC); Best Coach – Adriel Santoya (Chunox FC); Best Management – United Ballers; Player of the Season/Chairman Award – Rolando Chan (Libertad FC).

First Division Male Awardees: MVP – Diego Morales (Ranchito Warriors); Most Goals – Shane Morgan, Jr. (San Antonio NGO); Best Forward – Ferdusi Hall (Ranchito Warriors); Best Midfielder – Enrique Valdez (Corozal Young Starz); Best Defense – Jervis Ara (Corozal Young Starz); Best Goalkeeper – Gion Tzul (Corozal Young Starz); Best Coach – Israel Ara (Corozal Young Starz); Best Management – Valley Pride Corozal; Most Disciplined Team – Ranchito Runners.

Acknowledgment is extended to: Match officials – Mr. Ricardo Ake, Mr. Luis Arcurio and Mr. Gilford Budna; National Sports Council and the Corozal Sports Council – Mr. Carlos “Net” Acosta and Miriam Villamil; Referees – Teedee, Julio, Efren, Miguel, Jose, Karen, Julian, Edgar, Yam, and Axel; Cudjoe Lagoon Estate; Football Federation of Belize President and Executive; Security Unit – Cpl. James Mossiah, PC Myers and SPC Martinez; Invited guest – Shane Morgan, Sr.

Clubs and Coaches

U10 Male: Corozal Rising Stars – Troy Ferguson, Sr., Manager; Calcutta Strikers – Lester Rancheran, Manager; Corozal Invaders – Aurea Velasquez, Manager; Carolina Jaguars – Hipolito Sanker, Manager; Bacadia Warriors – Benjamin Acosta, Manager.

U13 Male: Concepcion Majestics – Hector Chan, Manager; Corozal Invaders – Jose Mai, Manager; Corozal Rising Stars – Troy Ferguson, Sr., Manager; BDF Cadets – Cpl. Derrick Palma, Manager; Falcons – David Barahona, Manager.

U20 Male: United Ballers – Carlos Moreno, Manager; Chunox FC – Adriel Santoya, Manager; Corozal Rural FC – Gabriel Pena, Manager; Libertad FC – Ardon Budna, Manager; Falcons – Armando Pech, Manager; Bacadia Warriors – Benjamin Acosta, Manager; Ranchito Young Warriors – Baltazar Chan, Manager.

First Division: Corozal Young Starz – Katherine Palma, Manager; Ranchito Warriors – Victor Morales, Manager; San Antonio NGO – Sherwin Charley, Manager; Libertad FC – Alexis Che, Manager; Calcutta Bulls – Derwin Inis, Manager; Ranchito Runners – Angel Camal, Manager; Caledonia – Miguel Alcoser, Manager; Valley Pride Corozal – Antonio Zetina, Manager.

Notice to Club Owners:

Registration deadline has been extended to January 30, 2020 for the upcoming Closing Season Youth Tournament, i.e. U10, U15 M/F, U17 M/F and U19M. Please visit the office at your earliest to register. Only players that are duly registered via the FIFA Connect platform will be allowed to be rostered. Register at http://blz.ma.services

Feature photo: 1st Division – Corozal Young Starz; Coach – Mr. Israel Ara

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