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Excellence once again tells Western Eagles, “Unu no ready fi we.”

BELIZE CITY, Thurs. Apr. 27, 2017–Hello to all fans, players and supporters of cricket. Thanks to our kind sponsorship of Bowen and Bowen who continues to provide the best drinks in Belize. Under the auspices of the Belize National Cricket Association, the Harrison Parks 2017 National Cricket Competition continued over the weekend. There were very interesting games played, that could even be said they were very well-played ones.

At Rancho Dolores, Excellence of Double Head went up against home team, Western Eagles. Both teams had lost one game apiece coming into Saturday’s game. Both were tied for first place. For so many years, both teams have battled against each other for top spot in the zone. All the time, Excellence proved to be the better team. Again at Rancho, these two teams wrestled. Again, Excellence threw them down. But, with all the whipping, these two teams remain friends.

When the game started, Excellence took to bat first; and things were going good for the Eagles, as at the fall of 5th wickets, Excellence scored only 50. At the fall of 7, the score went to 111. All wickets fell for 179. Keenan Flowers scored 58 runs for his team, while Edward Bull and Martin Joseph took 4 and 3 wickets, respectively, for the Eagles.

The Eagles took to bat then, but as hard as they tried, with Edward Bull who scored 25, followed by Dirk Sutherland who scored 18, at the fall of the last wicket, only 108 could be scored. Jaime Martinez and Orson Flowers took 3 wickets each for Excellence.

Excellence now stands in first place, followed by Eagles and Easy Does It in Zone One.

At Carmelita, Wicked Eleven went there, going up against Suga Boys. Things did not go well for Suga Boys. They battled 89 runs, and rain came before the game could be finished. However, because Wicked 11 team was nearing defeating them and rain came down, in the spirit of the game and good sportsmanship, Suga Boys conceded. Our hats off to their team for making that decision. For Suga Boys, Clifford Tillett scored 30 and took 2 wickets. For Wicked 11, Winston Flowers scored 54, and Edison Robinson took 3 wickets.

One of the games that was very, very exciting, I must say, was between Uprising and Sunrise. This game was played at Isabella. Sunrise won the toss, and allowed Uprising to bat first. This decision is not always the best. Winning the toss is a sign of the beginning of a win. Well, it seems they knew what they were doing. Veteran Edison Parks took no time in showing all spectators that his time for retiring is not close. He started to take wicket after wicket. However, after his official amount of overs were finished, batsmen started to score runs. By this time, Edison had the team weak by taking 7 wickets. At the fall of the last wicket, the score stood at 119.  Jerry Cassasola, did very well for his team, scoring 52 but his teammates were not much help with him.

It was time now for Sunrise to conquer that score. It was really a fight on the field. It took almost all Sunrise batsmen to reach and pass the score. The last two men were in, when the score was beaten. Gareth Joseph scored 38 for Sunrise, while Norman Rivers took 3 wickets for Uprising. It was a well-played and disciplined game.

On Sunday at ‘Landing, all eyes were down on Brilliant vs big, bad Berlan. The very first game these two teams played against each other, Brilliant was victorious. That’s the only game Berlan has lost so far. Brilliant has lost none. Brilliant went in first and scored 251. That’s a very impressive score. Jermaine Smith scored 83 in that inning, while Prasant took 5 of Brilliant wickets. Berlan went to bat, and at 6:00 p.m., the umpire on duty stopped the game. At this time, as I write, I am not in a position to say if the visibility on the field of play was good or not. Berlan’s score was at 149 with 9 wickets lost, chasing 251. More on that next week. Leonel Russell scored 34, and Howell Gillett took 4 wickets.

The schedule for this week is as follows:
On Saturday, May 29 – Western Eagles vs Easy Does It at Lemonal; Wicked 11 goes to Crooked Tree; Suga Boys goes to Lords Bank.
And on Sunday, Uprising vs Berlan at ‘Landing.

Have fun, people! And please respect your fellowmen. Bye, bye.

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