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Cricket Corner – The army told Bandits, “By the left, quick march!”; and Wicked 11 tells Berlan, “Our Wicked is better than your Bad!”

BELIZE CITY, Wed. Aug. 14, 2019– Under the auspices of the Belize National Cricket Association (BNCA), the Sir Barry Bowen/ Harrison Parks Cricket Competition 2019 semifinals ended over the weekend. A pleasant time of the day to all!

The weekend was such a beautiful and pleasant time to play and enjoy cricket! The weekend also brought tears from many eyes. Some were tears of joy, and others were of sadness. But that’s the way the game is played. We must always be on the lookout for unexpected results.

I begin with the tie-breaker between BDF vs Bandits, played at Landing. Bandits won the toss and took to bat first. The batsmen showed some skills, scoring the bowlers as the game progressed. At fall of the last wicket, the score stood at 226. Ordel Cassasola scored 43, followed by Glenroy Reynolds with 41. Herman Gordon was the bowler of the day, taking 3 wickets.

That’s a very impressive score. I am of the opinion then that Bandits thought they had the win.  Not so, said BDF; not because we were third in our Zone, and you first in yours. We will go down fighting. And, yes, they fought; but they didn’t go down.

After lunch break and mingling with friends, it was time for showing of power and skills.  When the inning started, it was not too bright for the army, as when the 4th batsman was out, the score stood at 61. Then young Glenford Banner went in, and things changed. This young man showed the Bandits that he is “no play.” He started playing cool, then started to hit boundaries. The bowlers had no control of his performance, hitting 17 sixes. In one over, he scored 5 consecutive boundary sixes. After the fall of eight wickets, Bandits’ score was beaten; 226 to 228 with 2 spare wickets. Glenford scored 137. He walked out with his partner Aaron Arnold who helped win the game, scoring 21. Jerry Cassasola also put in a good pound by scoring 28.

That ended Bandits’ season for this year. I believe that fingers will be pointing, but Glenford was too much for the bowlers, who weren’t focusing on the batsman.

Team BDF had reached the playoffs last season, but was defeated by Summer Fever. This year, again these two teams met in the playoffs; BDF was successful in this one, and now they move on to the championship rounds. Best wishes for a good match!

There’s a team that much is not mentioned of them. They stayed in the shadows observing everything, waiting for the opportune time to act. A well-disciplined team, to say the least. That team is Wicked 11, hailing from Flowers Bank. In the season of 2015, the team had gone to the finals, but was defeated by Easy Does It Cricket Team. This year, they are back in action, meeting a Team BDF who are one-and-one with them in the regular season games. Both teams are now in the championship rounds.

On Sunday at Flowers Bank, Wicked 11 went up against Berlan for the fifth time. Wicked 11 defeated them again. The wicked boys went to bat first and scored 214 runs, with Aaron Muslar scoring 102 runs. Marlon “Camala” Nicholas and Shyam took 3 of Wicked 11 wickets.

“Big Bad” Berlan went to bat next, and at the fall of the last wicket, scored only 85. Lionel Russel scored 22; and Winston Dawson and Brandon Lewis took 5 and 3 of Berlan wickets, respectively. That ended Berlan’s bid for the garland. I say congrats, Team Berlan! You too have done extremely well throughout the season. Next season may be better.

So, come this Saturday, the action begins at BDF grounds – Wicked 11 vs BDF, first and third place finishers in the regular season. Both are from Zone Two. Zone Two shows they are better than Zone One.

(Is my stat correct?)  Please note that the two batsmen that batted over 100 runs this past weekend are from the beautiful village of Lemonal, although playing on different teams.

That’s all, folks!  Come out this weekend at BDF grounds and enjoy cricket at its best.  Respect to and for all. Bye Bye!

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