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Cricket Corner – Bandits come out with a bang!

SportsCricket Corner - Bandits come out with a bang!

BELIZE CITY, Thurs. Feb. 14, 2019  10:33 a.m.– Hello, cricket players, fans and supporters! Under the auspices of the Belize National Cricket Association (BNCA), the Bowen and Bowen/ Harrison Parks 2019 National Cricket Competition got under way this past weekend with some very interesting games played. A few were heart breaking.

First we go to Lemonal, the home of the champion, where Western Eagles went to play against home team Easy Does It, last year’s championship team. The home team took to bat first, and at the fall of the last wicket, the score stood at 191 runs, a very impressive score. In that inning, Cyril Banner scored 53, followed by Gareth Banner and Randy Moody with 26 apiece. Gareth Joseph and Joseph Pook took 4 Easy Does It wickets each.

 After lunch break, Western Eagles went to bat, trying to beat that score of Easy Does It. As hard as they tried, it wasn’t enough, as the team fell short by 20 runs, scoring 171. In that inning, Dirk Sutherland scored 51, followed by Randolph Ferguson with 22. Gareth Banner, Sr. and Gareth Banner, Jr. took 3 wickets each.

Traveling to BDF Field was Wicked 11 to play against the home team. BDF took to bat first; and with the help of batsman Glenford Banner, who scored 42 runs, and Stephen Flowers, who added 34, the team scored a total of 163 runs. Aaron Muslar put down 5 of BDF wickets.

Now it’s time for Wicked 11 to try and score more than the BDF team. As hard as they tried, the good bowling of Jervis Wade, who took 5 wickets, cut the Wicked boys down, allowing them to score only 113. Winston Dawson and Winston Flowers scored 36 and 15, respectively.

The Belmopan Bandits traveled to Isabela to rally against Rural Mix. It was very easily seen that the Bandits had some very heavy guns, as most players on the Bandits team are players from the championship ground of the beautiful village of Lemonal. Rural Mix took to bat first, and under the super bowling of Glenroy Reynolds, who took 7 big wickets, the Mix could only muster 41 runs. Young Keenan Tillett made 14 of that 41 runs. Wickets fell in this order: one for 2, two for 2, three for 9, four for 9, five for 10, six for 14, seven for 15, eight for 16, nine for 41, and all for 41.

Well, the game is not over till it’s over, according to the Mix players; saying, whatever you do, I can do better. It will not happen that way, though, as two of Bandits batsmen went in and surpassed the 41 easily. No wicket fell. That’s an excellent exhibition by the Bandits. We will be following you very closely to see how your performance plays out in future games. Very impressive, Manager Denton Belisle.

At Double Head Cabbage, Summer Fever played against home team Excellence. The home team was no match for the Summer boys, who overpowered them, 121 to 118, with 4 spare wickets. (Full stats were not readily available.)

On Sunday, Sunrise of Lords Bank traveled to Bermudian Landing, going up against upstart Berlan. Berlan took to bat first and scored 195, with Lemont Russel scoring 57 runs, and Rushane Flowers 29. Zaghi, Edison and Parath took 2 wickets each.

Time for Sunrise to shine, but with the strong bowling of Marlon “Camala” Nicholas, who took 6 stumps, Sunrise could only make 75. Sunal and Cornel Brown scored 16 and 12, respectively.

Congratulations to all winners!  Better performance next time to teams that did not win!

The game between Big Deal and Old Youths was rained out.

The schedule for this weekend is as follows:
Saturday, February 16
Group A – Easy does it vs Excellence at Double Head Cabbage; Northern Spirit vs Western Eagles at Rancho; Rural Mix vs Summer Fever at Landing; Bandits rest.
Group B – Wicked 11 vs Sunrise at Lords Bank; Big Deal vs BDF at BDF Field.
Sunday, February 17
Group B – Bright Star vs Berlan at Landing.
Best of luck to all!  Continue to display discipline and respect to all.
Till next week, folks.

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