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Young sailors stand on the shoulder of a Master and Commander: Charles Bartlett Hyde

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A tribute to C.B. Hyde Saturday, April 6,...

Cricket Corner – Bandits and Excellence, showdown of the day; Summer Fever mash up Northern Spirit

SportsCricket Corner – Bandits and Excellence, showdown of the day; Summer Fever mash up Northern Spirit

BELIZE CITY, Wed. Feb. 27, 2019– Pleasant time of the day to all cricket players, fans and supporters! Under the auspices of the Belize National Cricket Association, I am pleased to tell you about games played over the weekend in the Harrison Parks 2019 Cricket Competition, sponsored by the Bowen and Bowen Company.

Before getting into game stats, just let me say I was privileged to be in Belmopan on Saturday. Thanks for the hospitality I enjoyed, given to me by Mr. Denton Belisle, the manager of the Bandits Cricket Club. Thanks very much, family. During my time there I happened to see and talk to an old friend, (inset) Mr. Narval Belisle, a veteran cricket player who played for Excelsior Cricket Team of St. Paul’s Bank, Police and Belmopan Cricket teams. He is an all-rounder.  Bowling was his main area; and he was very good at it. Blessings, Mr. Belisle!

There’s a lot to tell you in cricket. So, let’s start with the Bandits vs Excellence game played in Belmopan. This game ended in a nail biting fashion. Bandits took to bat first; and for a while it seemed that this was not in Bandits’ favor, as two wickets fell early for a small score. Things took a turn when batsmen started to master the ball. At the fall of the last wicket, the score stood at 180 runs. If one’s bowling is not on par, Excellence could easily surpass it. Wickets fell in this order: 1 fr 6; 2 fr 15; 3 fr 67; 4 fr 68; 5 fr 119; 6 fr 125; 7 fr 131; 8 fr 142; 9 fr 142; all for 180.  In that inning, Aaron Muslar scored 35, followed by Herbert Banner with 31. Jaimie Martinez and Jonathan Benjamin took 3 wickets each.

After lunch break, Excellence took to bat; and did these batsmen perform! All was going in Bandits’ favor up to the 6th wicket, when the tide turned in Excellence’s favor. From the area of Bandits fans, they were very silent, to say the least. Last man at bat was Burke Hower, whose hand was hurt in the first half. He had already scored 22 runs; and only seven runs were needed to win. The next ball bowled to him, he went for a six but was caught near the boundary line ending a tight game going in the Bandits’ favor. Wickets fell in this order: 1 fr 4; 2 fr 31; 3 fr 36; 4 fr 44; 5 fr 82; 6 fr 83; 7 fr 118; 8 fr 148; 9 fr 174; and all for 174. In that inning, Jaimie Martinez scored 22; Brandon Broaster and Jonathan Benjamin scored 20 and 21, respectively.

That ended an excellent game. The two gentlemen officiating the game, Jeremy McCullough and Ison Charles did a splendid job.

At Isabella, Western Eagles took care of Rural Mix with a score of 190 to 108. For Western Eagles, Rasheed Broaster and Dirk Sutherland scored 39 and 29, respectively. Dudley Hendy took 4 of the Eagles’ stumps. For Rural Mix, Alwayne Hendy scored 19. Gareth Joseph took 5 wickets, followed by Caspur Smith with 2. Good sailing, Eagles!

BDF took care of Sunrise with a score of 221 to 150. For Sunrise, Sarsham scored 60, followed by Cornel Brown 42. Zaghi and Edison Parks took 3 wickets each. For BDF, Leon Flowers scored 32, followed by Jerry Casasola with 26. Glenford Banner took 5 wickets.

Sunrise, you all got to get your act together. Best of luck next time!

At the beautiful village of Lemonal, Brilliant took care of Easy Does It. According to stats, it was not an easy win for Brilliant, as the score was 113 to 96. For Brilliant, Albert Conorquie scored 44; Alton Conorquie and Peranda Tillett took 3 wickets each. For Easy Does It, Jevon Arnold scored 24, and Norman Revers took 5 big wickets.

Wicked 11 damaged Bright Star very badly, 288 to 38. Well, that’s how the games are played. Never send a boy to do a man’s job. In that game, for Wicked 11, Keon Robinson and Brandon Lewis scored 81 and 53, respectively. Terrell Ferguson took 4 of Wicked 11 stumps. For Bright Star, Oliver scored 10; Aaron Muslar and Michael Flowers took 4 and 3 wickets, respectively.

On Sunday, big, bad Berlan took care of Big Deal easily, 99 to 93, with 7 spare wickets. For Berlan, Leonel Russell scored 39, and Shyam and Joni took 3 wickets each. For Big Deal, Jerry Rhaburn scored 30. It must be mentioned that Joni bowled three batsmen in three consecutive balls. (Hat trick!).

Now, for the game between the power-house Summer Fever vs Northern Spirit. Summer Fever took to bat, and at the beginning, they told the Spirit, “You all are up for a wide awakening.”  These batsmen started to hit runs; that at the fall of the 9th wicket, Summer Fever boys said, “Ok mein that is enough.” These batsmen batted 484 runs. Kenton Young batted 130, and Jermaine Baizar put up 114. What a field day it was! A. Dawson took 2 of the Fever stumps.

After a break, it was time for The Spirit to try some magic. But try as they did, the team could only muster 122. Team Northern Spirit must be congratulated for having the spirit of the game. Terrell Ferguson scored 18, and Maleek Sutherland took 3 of their stumps. Well done, Summer Fever! You have reached in the history books.

And folks, that ends a very good weekend of cricket. Congratulations to all teams, be it a win or a loss! I know all have played their hearts out.

Schedule for games this weekend:

Saturday, March 2 – Group A – Summer Fever vs Easy Does It at Lemonal; Western Eagles vs Excellence at Rancho; Northern Spirit vs Bandits at Belmopan; Rural Mix vs Brilliant at Crooked Tree.  Group B – BDF vs Old Youth at Sandhill; Big Deal vs Sunrise at Lords Bank.

Sunday, March 3 – Group A – Brilliant vs Bandits at Belmopan.  Group B – Berlan vs Wicked 11 at Flowers Bank.

That’s it for this week, folks. Respect to all!

BNCA Best Batsmen and Bowlers

After three weekends of playing, here are the results:

Top Batsmen and runs scored:  Aaron Muslar of Wicked 11 with 139 runs; Kenton Young of Summer Fever – 137; Jermaine Baizar of Summer Fever – 135; Keon Robinson of Wicked 11 – 115; Glenford Banner of BDF – 113.

Best Bowlers and wickets taken:  Gareth Joseph of Western Eagles – 13; Glenroy Reynolds of Bandits – 12; Aaron Muslar of Wicked 11 – 10; Tyrell Ferguson of Old Youths – 10; Edward Bull of Easy Does It – 10; and Marlon “Kamala” Nicholas of Berlan – 10.

Keep it going gentlemen! Congratulations!

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To – David

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