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Cricket Corner – A gentleman’s game; let’s keep it that way.

BELIZE CITY, Wed. Mar. 16, 2016–With the kind sponsorships of Smart and Belikin, the Harrison Parks 2016 Cricket Competition, under the auspices of the Belize National Cricket Association, continued over the weekend with some very good games, while others did not end so satisfyingly.

I will not at this time reveal their names or what they did. I will emphasize a warning to all concerned over the weekend – PLEASE STOP THE WAY YOU ALL BEHAVE TOWARDS UMPIRES. Attacking an official in any way, that contravenes the rules and regulations, puts yourself and your team in a position to be suspended for a few games or indefinitely. Always remember that an official might have a friend or relative who may not take these actions or behavior lightly. STOP CALLING THESE UMPIRES DUNCE OR STUPID. If they were dunces, many times your actions would escalate into violence. I have been telling you all the time, respect and manners is to be given to your fellow men. Cricket is played to bring us closer together. Don’t let us lose the essence of the spirit of the game. Some of these umpires can be your parents or grandparents. PLEASE SHOW RESPECT TO THEM.

On Saturday in Carmelita, I overheard a very young player on the field saying, “I will kick some wickets down today, if the umpire does any wrong.” For this youth, this year is his first season playing. He gets this from the senior players. Let us teach these youth the spirit of the game in a meaningful and positive way. Thank you.

Okay, with that little piece said, let’s get into the games. I will not get into details, as space may not be available for complete stats.

On Saturday in Sandhill, Police won over Bright Star in a tight battle: Police160 – Bright Star 151.

At Lords Bank, Western Eagles won over Cashu Medicos with not a big margin: Eagles 151 – Medicos 117. Young Jarrod Pakeman top scored for the Eagles with 67 runs.

In Double Head, Excellence over-powered Easy Does It with a score of 99 to 98 with 7 wickets to spare.

In Zone Two, Uprising and Wicked 11 were tied with 156 apiece. Brave Union lambasted Berlan, 70 to 64. In Carmelita, Brilliant vs Suga Boyz ended in a dispute. This has gone before the dispute committee for final decision.

On Sunday, the following backmatches were played. At Lemonal, Easy Does It did it the easy way against Bright Star by defeating them, 160 to 74. At Carmelita, Berlan lashed Suga Boyz, 188 to 136. At Lords Bank, Wicked 11 had a good game by hitting Sunrise hard with a score of 164 to 119. Then at Belmopan, Cashu Medicos took advantage of Team Police by beating them 135 to 134 with 4 spare wickets.

The following games are scheduled for this weekend – Easy Does It vs Police in Belmopan; Cashu Medicos vs Excellence in Double Head; Bright Star vs Western Eagles in Rancho Dolores; Suga Boyz vs Sunrise in Lords Bank; Brilliant vs Berlan in Landing; and Brave Union vs Uprising in Isabella. Wicked 11 rest.

On Sunday, backmatches are: Brave Union vs Brilliant in Crooked Tree; Uprising vs Berlan in Landing; and Western Eagles vs Excellence in Double Head.

Best of luck to all! Respect your fellow men at all times. Bye bye!

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