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Cricket Update from the BNCA

BELIZE CITY, Thurs. May 24, 2018– Greetings from the Belize National Cricket Association (BNCA)!

The Sir Barry Bowen Harrison Parks Cricket Competition 2018 continued over the weekend of May 19 & 20, with the following results:

Saturday, May 19
Wicked 11 won over Suga Boys with a score of 198 to 113. For Wicked 11, Winston Flowers top scored with 53 runs, and Winston Dawson took 5 wickets (good going!). For Suga Boys, Michael Wade top scored with 56 runs, and Jamie Wade took 5 wickets (good going!).
BDF won over Berlan with a score of 245 to 148, with two spare wickets, as the 50 overs were completed. For BDF, Lloyd Casasola top scored with 44 runs, and Jervis Wade took 4 wickets. For Berlan, Lemoth Russell top scored with 35 runs, and Charles Stamp took 4 wickets.
Western Eagles won over Old Youth with a score of 92 to 91, with seven spare wickets. For Western Eagles, Herman Gordon top scored with 42 runs, and Rudolph Ferguson took 6 wickets.  For Old Youth, Kylenn Morris top scored with 26 runs, and Andy Dominquez took 1 wicket.
Easy Does It won over Police with a score of 131 to 97.  For Easy Does It, Glenford Banner top scored with 25 runs, and Norman Revers took 3 wickets.  For Police, Keenan Flowers top scored with 25 runs; and Brandon Lewis and Keenan Flowers took 4 wickets each.
Brilliant awarded their match to Sunrise.
Excellence awarded their match to Rural Mix.

Sunday, May 20
Police won over Big Deal with a score of 76 to 72, with seven spare wickets. For Police, Howell Gillett top scored with 21 runs, and Gareth Banner, Jr. took 6 wickets (whoop! Big-Up, Mr. Banner!)  For Big Deal, Shadrock Hendy top scored with 13 runs, and Ryan Jones took 2 wickets.
Brilliant awarded their match to Wicked 11.
Games scheduled for this weekend, May 26 & 27, are as follows:

Saturday, May 26
Wicked 11 vs BDF in Flowers Bank
Suga Boys vs Sunrise in Carmelita
Rural Mix vs Easy Does It in Isabella
Police vs Old Youth in Sandhill (It was Police’s turn to host; but, because Sandhill is having a fundraiser event, Police agreed to go to Sandhill once again. Great sportsmanship, Team Police!)
Western Eagles vs Big Deal in Rancho Delores
The match between Summer Fever and Excellence will not be played, as Excellence has withdrawn from the competition. The points therefore go to Summer Fever.

Sunday, May 27
The scheduled match between Berlan and Brilliant in Bermudian Landing will not be played, as Brilliant has also withdrawn from the competition.
BNCA President, Mykelt Anthony

In this week’s Cricket Update, I would like to acknowledge the current President of the BNCA, Mr. Mykelt Anthony. He has been an active cricketer from the age of 16, and has an impressive record to prove he was one of the best. In his early years in 2000, 2001 and 2002, his high school, Belize Rural High School, won the high school cricket competition. Mr. Anthony also represented Belize on several occasions as part of the Belize National Cricket Team. He represented in Bermuda on the U-19 Belize National Team, and on the Senior Male National Team in Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica, Suriname and the Bahamas. In 2011, he received the MVP for best bowler in a tournament in Suriname. Mr. Anthony has also won four local championships, one with Surprise Cricket Club of Lemonal Village in 2010, and three with Easy Does It Cricket Club in 2014, 2015 and 2016.

In an unfortunate incident in 2015, Mr. Anthony got shot in Belize City, which resulted in injuries to his lower spine which still have him in therapy and unable to play the game he loves with all his heart. Thereafter, since he could no longer physically take part in the sport, he was determined to be a part of cricket, and was elected as the Vice President of the BNCA in January of 2016; and thereafter in 2017, was selected to act as President after the resignation of the President.

Mr. Anthony has done a wonderful job with the BNCA. He is very dedicated presently in selecting a National Team to represent Belize in a tournament in Los Angeles in September, 2018. Mr. Anthony, I must say hats off to you for your determination and dedication to see the sport you so love grow and develop.

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