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Cross Country, Krem, and the diaspora!

FeaturesCross Country, Krem, and the diaspora!

Thursday, March 28, 2024

I was listening to Krem Radio on Holy Thursday discussing the sacred Cross Country bicycle race. A woman called in commenting that she was hoping that a Belizean born and bred champion would emerge, not any foreigner, including Belams, a new word I learned listening to Wake up Belize; it means Belizean American. The response from brother Mose was very direct and biting and absolutely correct, in noting that any Belizean winning the prize was a good thing. I believe that it is one of the reasons the Guats will own us one day. That “all ah wi dah wan” does not really apply to all of us, apparently, only to native born Belizeans, in the minds of some, and that is very disappointing to digest.

But this is not about the Cross Country race entirely, it is more about Krem and its cultural and social significance in the Jewel, among those in the diaspora, and all around the world, in general. Because of its roots culture, it keeps those far from home tethered to Belize, in a good way. Whether you are Kriol or Spanish or Garifuna or Chinese or Arab, Krem keeps you informed in a way that is so personal as to make you feel that you are right at home, not freezing your ass in subzero temperatures, or living in sometimes inhospitable places. Yes, there are other radio stations in Belize, but Krem is that dark, aged rum that goes right to your bellybutton and makes you warm and content! It is the Cabernet of stations while the others are plain Chardonnay. I would’ve said Champagne but that is too bourgeois for Krem.

I’m sure the founder never imagined, and apparently still doesn’t realize, how consequential his creating this blessing we are all reaping benefits from, has been. The programming, except for the preaching on Sunday, my opinion only, has been stellar. I do miss JC’s jazz on Sunday, mostly because he’d play recordings of my poetry readings, just kidding, but also his show with Tony Wright, reminiscing and yearning for a past that still leaves an emptiness inside us. The morning shows, uncensored and honest and very informative are unequaled. They provoke, they make us angry sometimes, but always honest and fair. Shout out to all the hosts, especially Ms. Lisa and that sultry voice, that makes me wish I was still a young man, still a tiger!

It is reassuring to many of us, at home and in the diaspora, to have this beacon of reassurance, this light that guides us through elections with most excellent coverage. Through hurricanes and the unruly House and interviewing those in charge in an unforgiving manner. It really makes a difference, in the lives of so many, even if the Xman can’t acknowledge his foresight! Oh, and the par excellence of the Cross Country classic coverage is indisputable! Ah hope wan ah wi win. Happy Easter!


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