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Cuba urges U.S. to investigate Cuban embassy attack in Washington D.C.

InternationalCuba urges U.S. to investigate Cuban embassy attack in Washington D.C.

Photo: The Cuban embassy in Washington D.C.

by Kristen Ku

BELIZE CITY, Tues. Sept. 26, 2023

The Cuban embassy in Washington D.C. has formally requested that the United States launch a detailed investigation into the alleged attack on its premises. This incident has stirred international concerns, drawing out responses from Russia and China, who have urged the U.S. to quicken its investigative procedures.

On September 25, 2023, the Cuban embassy in Washington D.C. was reportedly attacked when an individual hurled two Molotov cocktails at the building, prompting serious concerns on the part of the Cuban government over the safety and security of its diplomats in the U.S.

This incident comes amidst an already strained diplomatic relationship between the U.S. and Cuba, as the U.S. continues to keep in place a trade embargo against Cuba, further highlighting the need for an unbiased investigation to prevent such occurrences in the future.

According to a report by EFE, the Cuban government officially asked the U.S. authorities to conduct an investigation into the attack.

The Cuban Foreign Ministry emphasized the importance of identifying and holding accountable the individuals responsible for this blatant act of hostility, and described the attack as an act of terrorism by anti-Cuban groups.

Following the incident, the Cuban president, Miguel Diaz-Canel, took to his social media pages to address the attack: “Last night, hatred again launched a terrorist attack against our embassy in Washington in an act of violence and impotence that could have cost precious lives. We condemn it and await the action of the North American authorities,” he said.

The incident has also caught the attention of other global powers. TeleSUR reported that both Russia and China have urged the U.S. to investigate the attack on the Cuban embassy.

These nations have expressed their solidarity with Cuba, reiterating the key principle of maintaining diplomatic protection as noted in international law.

“We call upon the U.S. to establish the truth, resolve the case promptly, and take effective measures to ensure the security of diplomatic institutions and their personnel,” stated the Chinese Foreign Affairs Ministry spokesperson, Wang Wenbin.

In the United States, the reaction has also been one of serious concern. Politico reports that National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan condemned the reported attack, terming it as unacceptable and a threat to diplomatic relations between the countries.

In an official statement released on the White House website, Sullivan emphasized that such actions cannot be tolerated.

“The United States strongly condemns Sunday’s reported attack on the Cuban embassy in Washington, DC. Attacks against diplomatic facilities are unacceptable. We are in contact with Cuban embassy officials and law enforcement authorities to ensure an appropriate and timely investigation as well as to offer our support for future protective efforts,” the statement noted.

Moreover, the U.S. State Department has acknowledged Cuba’s request for an investigation. While the nature and extent of the attack are yet to be fully revealed, this incident has undoubtedly stirred the international community.

Notably, the last time the Cuban embassy was the target of an attack was back in April 2020 when a man opened fire inside the building. Luckily, no one was harmed.

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