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Dictator Creatus Est!

FeaturesDictator Creatus Est!

Photo: Biden and Trump

Friday, June 28, 2024

I have always been very confident and almost fanatic in my belief that Trump would lose the coming presidential election, that there was no way he could beat Biden, considering all the baggage he brings with him, and this was before he became a felon. This man has done everything to turn off the American voter, and I mean everything. In spite of all this, he’s tied with Joe Biden in most polls, and in some he’s slightly ahead. Then the fact that there are still supposedly undecided voters out there is not only troubling and perplexing, but also ridiculous! If you don’t already know Biden and Trump and their records, well, then, you should renounce your right to vote, or remain in your hermetically sealed state for the rest of your life. Undecided means to me that you are not a serious or knowledgeable person. For goodness sake, this is a fight between light and darkness; you can’t be undecided, in my opinion; choose the light or be damned!

After watching part of the debate last night, I had to turn it off after the first commercial. I started to question my faith and my confidence about who the next president will be. Every word that Trump uttered was false except for, “the”, and, “is”!

His lies were so easily verifiable that they show his disregard and disrespect for the American people. But he spewed them with such strength and conviction and audaciousness that I’m sure that he swayed some of the less informed, less intelligent people, to join his Klan!

Joe, on the other hand, appeared old and confused at times, between his muttering and his stuttering and sometimes aimless chatter. His answers were not as crisp and reassuring, left us hanging and waiting for this good, decent man to show us the mettle of his pasture, to quote the bard. I’m not going to blame the settings or the hosts or Trump for Biden’s disastrous, in my opinion, performance. He knew the rules; he should have been more present.

This is a race that deep in his heart Donald Trump does not believe he can win; he’s running to stay out of prison. Many of his followers don’t believe he can win either, but they worship at the hooves of the golden calf, and have sworn fealty to this disaster of a man, as is expected of them. They make up for that lack of confidence with bravado and threats of violence and apocalyptic predictions if things don’t go their way.

Last night’s performance might have given them more hope than they deserve, but hope, nevertheless. What a ting!

I still believe that Joe Biden will prevail. I believe the odds are stacked too heavily against Trump; but I’m not as convinced as I was yesterday, before the debate. It will take monumental efforts and courage and resilience to defeat the beast. Women and minorities and those of us who can still see and feel and know the difference between right and wrong, have to prevail.

On January 10, 49 BC, when Julius Caesar crossed the Rubicon and started a civil war in Rome, one of the senators uttered the above statement: Dictator Creatus Est—a dictator is made! He was 100% correct. The Roman government and establishment changed forever after that event; for the worse, in my humble opinion.

We, the people, have to help old Joe prevent this country from being run by a tyrant, a whimpering puppet of Putin and Xi, and Orban and Netanyahu! We have to make sure that we retain this fragile democracy that is teetering on the edge with an unstable and unhinged Pied Piper, and a rogue Supreme Court that caters to his every whim and fancy, or at least to most of them.

I sincerely hope that after November we are still normal, and not stuck in a maelstrom of uncertainty and chaos and dictatorship! Everyone, hold hands, and let us pray!


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