General — 24 January 2012 — by Stacey Kelly
Did cop have legal ammo “arsenal?”
Police Corporal Gino Peck, 39, and his wife, Loretta Peck, 44, are currently under investigation after a Gang Suppression Unit (GSU) bust on Saturday morning, January 21, 2012, led to the discovery of an assortment of ammunition, including 9mm ammunition, .38 rounds, 12-gauge cartridges and.45 ammunition. 
We spoke with the Pecks’ attorney, Simeon Sampson, this afternoon at the Belize City Magistrate’s Court. Sampson told us that he was told that his clients would be arraigned in court today, Monday, but at press time tonight, we have confirmed that they remain in police custody. When we spoke to him, he said he was uncertain of what his clients would be charged with, since investigations are still being conducted.
Minister of Police, Douglas Singh, told us at press time tonight that the investigations are to confirm which of the ammunition was assigned to Peck by the department. 
According to the GSU, at 6:30 a.m. on Saturday, they conducted a search of the Pecks’ home, at #2A Curassow Street, Belize City.
The information from the GSU is that Peck declared his service 9mm firearm, serial #CHF-977, at the start of the search; the firearm was loaded with (13) live 9mm rounds of ammunition. 
The GSU, however, searched a chest of drawers, where they found (5) 9mm ammunition, (1) .45 ammunition, (1) 12-gauge cartridge and (1) .38 live round.
The GSU also searched under a bed, where two school bags were found and searched, and the following was discovered: in the first school bag police found (23) 9mm ammunition, (18) 12-gauge ammunition and two empty GLOCK magazines. 
The other bag contained (6) 9mm ammunition, (4) .38 live rounds and (3) 12 gauge cartridges.
On top of the dresser, police found two additional magazines, loaded with (13) live 9mm rounds each.
We asked Singh to confirm whether or not Peck was issued all of the ammunition. Singh told us that the ammunition that do not match the issued firearm are the only ones being investigated. 
According to our information from the GSU, Peck and his wife were charged jointly with “kept ammunition without a gun license” charges for the (22) 12-gauge cartridges and the (5) .38 ammunition; and “kept prohibited ammunition” for the (1) .45 ammunition, and also “kept firearm without a gun license” for the two magazines found.
Additional information to us is that the firearm declared by Peck to the police, was issued by the Special Branch Inventory Department. 
Further police investigations will determine whether or not additional charges will be levied against the Pecks.

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