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Did Mrs. Narda overreact?

If all of the beef Mr. Sanker has with Mrs. Narda is on a piece of canvas and a logo on a cap, then I don’t see wherefrom comes this story that the financier is threatening to nail the painter with a lawsuit. Many people who know things/say they know things, swore that the new Briceño government was doomed for a fall into deep corruption from the get-go when it was floated that Miss Narda would get a big job in the Ministry of Finance. I’m the kind who couldn’t fake their way at the polls even if they were running with the PUDP branch that was on the upswing, so I just keep my ears opened.

Yap, a story out there was that the financier was a dirty, rotten crook, the worst of the PUP when some of them were entitling their way with local funds to make a new telephone company, top of the line private hospital, public city on private property, all manner and sorts of undercover things.

The other Vaughan, the one at Vibes, said the financier’s detractors were oh so wrong, that all the while enemies in red were scurrilously spreading lies about her she was working alongside “good” PUPeez to brayks the wikid deeds of their friends. Haa, that other Vaughn was cloned from the Goebbels model to spread propaganda, but that’s me to give that devil the same ear I gave to the saints who said bad things about Narda. Me noh know.

The great Mr. Sanker numbers among the sanctified who swear the lady is a sinner. I saw this painting, with her being our new PM’s brains, like how they say Bannon steered Trump, and Ralph pulled the strings of Said. I thought that painting artistic, and man, can the brother really splash the colors on canvas. I’d veto the cap bikaaz any run-of-the-mill regular person like me could manufacture a trite line like that.

With that little knowledge, I suggest, Brother Sanker, that you have a cap burning, and you, Sister Narda, if I were you I’d buy that painting, if your boss, our PM Johnny Briceño, has a sense of humor.

Bully for you, Barbados!

So, rich Little England has formally started severing one of the main lines with Big England, and big congratulations are in order for them, because it is the dream of all to be nearly full masters of their destiny. On the first part of the lead sentence, I heard local expert on governance systems, Patrick Rogers, tell the Krem WuB that Barbados is just making the first step, and on the second part of the lead sentence, let me emphatically state that no man is an island, no country is free to do what they want in this world. That independence, it is a graded thing.

Barbados looks to be about chucking away the Westminster System, for a Republican one. There’ll be no more Governor General over there, and the sense is that Miss Motley will one day want to up the grade from Prime Minister to President. This week their level of independence jumped a step; they are feeling proud, and we are happy for them and wish them well as they have a well-deserved celebration.

We, we will continue with our wonderful Governor General, and we will continue to fight to get the best for our country via the Westminster System. Our independence is limited that way, because we have a neighbor that has not yet faced the fact that we noh waahn no Guatemala. You have to be real in this world. There are things George Price didn’t tell his followers. Fortunately, some of them understand.

We kud settle this wid ONE Kasa or Tablada

Some people who clearly haven’t thought things out say that corporal punishment, whipping the butts of the unruly, is big in liability for so much violence in our country. It’s like some people did real poorly in their history lessons. My, when the tambran whip and the shooti broom mi di star, we were a peaceful haven.

It is utter nonsense that we had to resort to exorbitant fines to get people to wear masks in public, when a wap, a-wap-wap-wap could have gotten us all into line. If you’re too young to know, a couple decades back, matinee and movies at the theaters were huge, and there were many nervous moments for those in line at the ticket booth when the show was about to begin. You just can’t go into the movie house and ask the person you sit beside to fill you in on what you missed. Worse was the fear of tickets being sold out, and not having the cash to pay scalpers.

If you transport yourself there, I bet you can feel the temptation rising to bully your way to the front of the line. Don’t be a fool. Those who lacked respect and dared, feel! My childhood and a small part of my young adulthood was in Belize City, and I have the tale firsthand. There were authority figures about, Kasa and Tablada, dressed in khaki shirt and black pants with a dark green strip on the sides. They carried whips!

Guess what, if your pa is from Belize City and was one of those who liked to play bad, check his arm, he might still have the mark. A wap, a wap-wap, wap!

Don’t buy those wimps who whine that wapping is a reminder of our time in slavery. It is incredible that people will dare to present nonsense 6,000 years after the recording of the world began. If it wasn’t for the tremendous cost, we could ignore them. I get no joy telling people bowt dehnself. I’d much rather big up, so I don’t increase the enemy legions.

You, yes you, you talk bad about wapping because YOU couldn’t take it, and the price we pay is people taking off their mask in public places, people ignoring the 6-feet physical spacing.

Ouch, a news flash just shared with me by a social media friend…my, that poor teacher who was run ragged by her students, to the point where she dropped a few epithets. Let me explain something to you, Jimmy, and Jayni: In the good old days, every school had a designated hand to administer the strokes from the tambran whip. The response to your malaise would be a house visit. I bet you’d get the sense.

Three huge holes

Elephants and dolphins are said to be big on brains, like humans, but I’ve never heard of any of them acting crazy. These dolphins, we wouldn’t know if they have quirks, because most of their world is hidden from us, and elephants must have a special lobe for gentleness, so they don’t squash their babies.

Humans, there is not one on this earth who doesn’t have a crazy gene. If you disbelieve me, get a mirror, find the soberest person you know, and give them a questionnaire that runs from A to Z, and watch your ears spring up.

One noble mission of humans is to keep the holes in their heads, all their different quirks, fetishes, and outrageous opinions, out of public view. Another grand mission is to shield their friends and faamli who are unable to keep the giant holes under lock and key.

Looking at 3 holes, a giant one is the buzzard similarity. May those ones all get rubber dolls for Krismos. Another hole is filled with mentiras. Ah, EJ Hill, it’s not, “can you handle the truth”, it’s telling the difference between farce and fact. And closing with another crater, there’s the kleptos — they can be millionaires, but for them there’s no fun in buying.

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