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Home Headline Domingo Matias, 32, found dead on his farm with chop wounds

Domingo Matias, 32, found dead on his farm with chop wounds

POMONA, Stann Creek District, Mon. Sept. 30, 2019– Domingo Miguel Matias, 32, a farmer of Pomona, went to his farm in an area off the Southern Highway at about 10:30 Sunday morning, and did not return home on Sunday evening.

His common-law wife, Angelica Chacon, 42, a domestic, became worried because he was to come to take their daughters to church and when he did not come home at 7:30 p.m., she began to call his phone, but got no response.

She, his friends and neighbors went to police to report him missing.

At about 10:00 Sunday night, after searching the farm, they found Matias in the cornfield, lying on the ground, with chop wounds on his head, throat and back, and he was already dead.

Chacon said that he had been getting numerous threats from a man, whom he knew. She said that Matias did not take the threats seriously, but in fact, gave the man a job to work on his farm.

They said that he saw Matias eating with his wife, and became jealous.

A member of the search party said that they found Matias’ bicycle, and his phone and water bottle on the bicycle, so theft was ruled out as a motive for the killing.

This evening ACP Joseph Myvett said that a suspect has been located and is now in police custody.

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