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Dr. Manzanero accepts demotion?

BELMOPAN. Thu. Feb. 18th, 2021– On Thursday, February 18 the Ministry of Health and Wellness’ CEO, Deysi Mendez informed local media that Dr. Manzanero had been informed of the Ministry’s intention to “strengthening” and “restructuring” prior to his going on sick leave. As is known widely, Dr. Marvin Manzanero, was infected with the coronavirus after nine months of being on the front line of the pandemic in Belize.

Reports are that he has accepted a post back with the HIV/AIDS program inside the newly restructured MOHW. Reports are that he is still receives the same salary. In an interview with CTV-3 via phone, the CEO shared that changes intended by the Ministry required a different approach to public health.

“Dr. Manzanero holds a post as an established Director of Health Services. This thing is, what we are going through now is that we need to place our staff members, and key staff members in places and positions that will be very effective and efficient for the response at the Ministry of Health. Dr. Manzanero upon his return, had a meeting with myself, met with the Minister, and was explained on the way forward on which he had agreed that the options that were laid out and where the need was is in the response to HIV/Aid and in our approach, and our need of a medical internist. Which is a part also of the COVID response. Dr. Manzanero agreed to taking either position, taking the position of the Coordination of the HIV and TB response.” CEO Mendez explained.

President of the Association of Public Senior Service Managers Sharon Frazier told local media that even if he is receiving the same pay, his removal from the post as DHS is still ultimately a demotion and has to be looked at carefully. The position is that there can only be one DHS and at this time that position is held by Dr. Manzanero. They believe that he is being disrespected by the new administration.

Dr. Manzanero has still not made a public statement on the matter as yet. We made attempts to get a comment which were unsuccessful.

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