Highlights — 15 May 2019 — by Kory Leslie (freelance writer)
The Economic Development Council aspires for exponential growth in Belize

BELIZE CITY, Mon. May 13, 2019– The Economic Development council partnered with the Complete Caribbean partnership organization to host a one-day workshop, designed to improve Belize’s economy through technology and innovation.

Complete Caribbean is sponsored by institutions such as the Inter-American Development Bank, United Kingdom Aid Direct, the Government of Canada as well as the Caribbean Development Bank and seeks to foster economic growth throughout thirteen Caribbean territories.

Members of the private, public and academic sectors were in attendance at this meeting entitled “Towards Exponential Growth in Belize: A Workshop on Unleashing Innovation within the Private Sector” which was hosted on Monday at the Best Western Biltmore Plaza.

Executives from the corporation Ruta N in Medellin Colombia were invited via to share their modus operandi that has led to the success of the private sector as well as various Entrepreneurs in Colombia.

Executive Director of Complete Caribbean Sylvia Dohnhert discussed the intent of orchestrating this conference by stating: “Our goal for this event by bringing the experience of Ruta N … is to bring knowledge about instruments, policies, and mechanisms to increase innovation throughout the economy of Belize, increase the use of these technologies so that Belize can also grow exponentially just as the city of Medellin has grown over the last six to ten years.”

Throughout the conference, there were discussions about the different issues facing Belize’s economy from all sectors, as well as finding a collective and contemporary way to combat these by using the rapidly emerging technologies we now have access to.

This conference came as a follow up from the Prime Minister’s business forum which also emphasized the theme of innovation for economic growth in Belize.

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