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Felina James, missing mother of two, found dead

Police say that she died from a large cut wound on the back of her neck

2 ½ MILES COASTAL ROAD, Mon. Oct. 22, 2018– Felina James, 37, a mother of two sons, ages 2 and 9, had been missing for 7 days before she was found dead on Thursday evening, October 18, around 5:20 p.m. Ivette Roches, 69, the children’s babysitter, had reported James missing after she failed to return to pick up her children, whom she had dropped off at Roches’ house in Belize City on October 11 with the promise to return for them the next day.

Although much information was not known at the time her body was found, police reports now say that her body was found in the bushes at Mile 2 ½ on the Coastal Road in an advanced state of decomposition. She was reportedly found in her underwear by the caretaker of a farm that was near the scene.

Since the body had already started to decompose, her family had to identify their loved one based on the tattoos on her corpse.

On Friday, October 19, a post-mortem examination was conducted on the body in Burrell Boom. The medical officer who conducted the exam certified that James’ death was caused by a large cut wound in the back of the neck.

Previously, police had reported that James, who had a boat captain’s license, was moving from her home in Sarteneja to Belize City after she had a misunderstanding with her husband on October 10. She had dropped her children off at Roches’ house in order to travel in her red Kia Sorrento to Sarteneja to pick up some items.

Today, Monday, at a police press brief, police confirmed that she had retrieved the items and that it was on her way back to Belize City that she was killed. Several people had seen her in Sarteneja on Thursday night, October 11, after her car had suffered a flat tire. A bus conductor told police that she had asked him for help with the flat tire, and that she was in the company of a man.

Prior to this, James had reportedly told Roches, the babysitter, while she was dropping off her children, that she was going to visit a mechanic in order to get her car fixed. She had shown Roches the parts for the vehicle that she was going to get fixed.

Police are still unable to determine where exactly James was killed, because the heavy rains that occurred during the week she was missing could have washed the scene clean of blood and other evidence.

James’ stepbrother and other members of her family have been working closely with police in order to identify James’ killer. James’ Kia Sorrento is still missing, as well as a firearm that belonged to her.

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