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Firms Basketball League Week 3 scores

BELIZE CITY, Mon. July 16, 2018– After a week’s break in the tournament, the Firms Basketball League (FBL) bounced back into action last week with games on Thursday, Friday and Saturday at the Swift Hall court.  The first two weeks of the tournament were played at the Civic Center.

In the opener on Thursday night, Diginet defeated Police, 64-57.  Diginet was led by Lupita Acosta 18 pts 5 rebs, and Jason Vasquez 13 pts 13 rebs; while Police had Marcus Lewis with 25 pts 10 rebs, and Sheldon Williams 9 pts 10 rebs.  And in the nightcap, it was Dragons, 75-71, over Belize Bank Bulldogs.  Balanced scoring for the Dragons saw Eyan Rene with 18 pts 11 rebs, Sydney Bradley 14 pts 5 rebs, Andrew Vasquez 14 pts 16 rebs, and Kevin Hamilton 12 pts rebs; while the Bulldogs were led by Lincey Lopez 18 pts 4 rebs, Earl Johnson 11 pts 10 rebs, and Jamal Augustine 10 pts 7 rebs.

The opener on Friday night saw Tuff E Nuff demolishing Belikin, 87-47, behind Raymond Gongora 21 pts 18 rebs, Douglas Valley 13 pts 4 rebs, and Raheem Baptist 12 pts 5 rebs; while Belikin was led by Gerald Sanchez 14 pts 6 rebs, and Napthali Watters 14 pts.  And in the nightcap Armed Forces got the 84-79 win over Gladiators.  Armed Forces was led by Shaquille Crawford 30 pts 8 rebs, Ernest Tench 17 pts 13 rebs, and Greg Buckley 8 pts 14 rebs; while Gladiators had Keith Pollard, Jr. with 20 pts 18 rebs, and Neil Nicholson and Steven Wade with 18 pts each.

Three games were played on Saturday afternoon, the first being scheduled for 2:00 p.m. at Swift Hall.  The opener was a close encounter that saw Infotel International with the 54-50 win over BWS Pressure.  Top scorers for Infotel were Charles Armstrong 12 pts 10 rebs, Russel Humes 12 pts, and Kirk Burgess 7 pts 25 rebs; while BWS had Ashley Hemsley with 13 pts 13 rebs, and Karim Thompson 12 rebs.  In game 2, Dragons crushed Police, 86-66, with 5 players in double figures – Kevin Hamilton 15 pts, Andrew Vasquez and Sydney Bradley with 13 apiece, Cordel Gonzalez, Jr. 12 pts, and Eyan Rene 10 pts; while Police was led by Sheldon Williams 17 pts 14 rebs, Marcus Lewis 13 pts 16 rebs, and Mark Thompson 11 pts 15 rebs.  And in the nightcap, Belize Bank Bulldogs blew out Belikin, 87-45, behind Jamal Augustine 16 pts 6 rebs, Earl Johnson 16 pts 3 rebs; Elton Anderson 14 pts 4 rebs, Roscoe Rhys 14 pts 5 rebs, Lincey Lopez 11 pts 9 rebs 10 assts 6 stls, and Duane Staine 10 pts 11 rebs; while Belikin was led by Naphtali Watters 11 pts 9 rebs, Tyson Ysaguirre 10 pts 7 rebs, and Sheylon Matthews 8 pts 13 rebs.

Upcoming FBL Week 4 games at Swift Hall:

Thursday, July 19
7:00 p.m. – Infotel International vs Providers
9:00 p.m. – Armed Forces vs Tuff E Nuff

Saturday, July 21
1:00 p.m. – BWS Pressure vs Gladiators
3:00 p.m. – Dragons vs Belikin
5:00 p.m. – Armed Forces vs Belize Bank Bulldogs
7:00 p.m. – Infotel International vs DigiNet

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