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“Flavors of Abstract Art” exhibition unveiled in Belmopan

Highlights“Flavors of Abstract Art” exhibition unveiled in Belmopan

Photo: Tom Sharp, abstract artist

by Kristen Ku

BELMOPAN, Mon. Feb. 26, 2024

The Art Shack in Belmopan opened its doors on Friday, February 23, to an exhibition entitled “Flavors of Abstract Art”, featuring the works of abstract artist, Tom Sharp. While Sharp himself couldn’t attend the event, his spirit and vision shone through the 101 abstract art pieces adorning the gallery walls.

Described as perhaps the largest abstract art exhibit in Belize’s history, the showcase promised an immersive journey into the realms of abstract expressionism.

“I absolutely love abstract art. I love the freedom to abstract art. There are no rules, but there’s lots of principles that I use,” remarked Tom Sharp in an interview prior to the exhibition. “When I’m creating, I feel close to God, and it’s a very peaceful process.”

Exploring the source of his inspiration, Sharp revealed that his inclination for bright and bold colors served as a personal antidote to his moments of struggle with depression. Through abstract art, Sharp found peace and means to channel his emotions.

The exhibition featured an array of pieces ranging from abstract portraits reflecting Sharp’s background as a counselor, to vibrant depictions of flowers, sunsets, and beach scenes.

“I think it was a way for me to process all those years of working with people, because as a counselor, I saw people at their very worst. They were broken when they came in. They were really hurting. And I think that’s reflected in some of the artwork,” he explained.

Each piece offered a unique glimpse into Sharp’s experimental and deeply personal artistic journey of over 15 years, with yet over six hundred pieces remaining in his art storage.

Last year alone, he recounts painting 124 pieces on canvas, and the year before that, over 130 pieces. He also experiments on other surfaces including cardboard, tile, teapots, and glass.

“I hope that people are moved and touched and impacted. I hope the bright colors and how vivid things are will bring people joy,” expressed Sharp regarding his aspirations for the exhibition.

“I’m hoping to inspire young artists, new artists who are just getting started, that they will start art-ing and whatever turn that takes for them, that they’ll just follow through with that.”

Sharp’s exhibition remains open in Belmopan for an additional two weeks, with some pieces already sold.

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