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Flood warnings stay in effect

The worst is not yet over

BELIZE CITY, Mon. Nov. 23, 2020– Flood warnings continue to remain in effect for central and western parts of Belize, as a result of an enormous amount of rainfall brought by Iota, which was reduced to a tropical storm after making landfall in Nicaragua as a hurricane. In addition, there are also reports that a cold front from the north is upon us.

The warnings, as of today, November 23, have indicated that surges are expected near the rivers, streams, creeks and waterways in areas that include San Ignacio, Benque, Banana Bank, Double Run, Crooked Tree, Maypen, Lemonal, Rancho Dolores, Flowers Bank, Scotland Halfmoon, Boston, Lucky Strike, Rock Stone Pond, Lord’s Bank, Burrell Boom, Gracie Bank, Western Pines communities and, downstream to the coast, Belize City.

The report says that residents downstream of the Rio Hondo must remain vigilant because of flood waters from Blue Creek.

According to the report, “The Rio Hondo at Blue Creek and downstream at Santa Cruz, San Antonio, San Roman, and Douglas, levels are approaching flood stage and have exceeded the historical Mitch stage and continue to increase steadily. Flood levels on the New River at Tower Hill and Caledonia approaches historical levels and continues to increase steadily.”

Crooked Tree Village, in the “river valley” of the Belize District, like so many other villages, continues to be battered by the flood. According to a villager, the village looks like an island of water rather than a body of land.

In Belize River Valley and surrounding communities, as well as in Double Run and near the Haulover Creek to the coast, flood levels continue to increase, and in the Crooked Tree Lagoon, the causeway remains inundated as flood levels continue to increase.

There are also indications, however, that the severity of flooding in some areas is decreasing. The report says that while flood levels on the Sibun River near Freetown Sibun have exceeded what was recorded in the aftermath of the historical Hurricane Mitch, levels are now decreasing slowly. Levels on the Southern Lagoon near Gales Point Village are above normal and falling. The watersheds on the eastern slopes of the Mayan Mountains are near normal and continue to recede.

The Sittee River at Kendal Bridge is near normal and receding. The Swasey and Bladen branches of the Monkey River are above normal and receding. Levels on the Temash River near Crique Sarco are above normal and steady.

On the Belize River, on Banana Bank, and in Belize River Valley and surrounding communities, Double Run and near Haulover Creek to the coast, increasing flood levels are expected to continue. On the Crooked Tree lagoon, the causeway is expected to remain inundated as flood levels continue to increase.

The report, in its entirety, can be seen at the Government of Belize’s website http://www.pressoffice.gov.bz, and on its Facebook page.

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