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Football Flashback 4: down memory lane with a few more names

BELIZE CITY, Wed. Apr. 29, 2020– We’re still having fun pulling out some names of players we haven’t seen or heard from in a long, long time; as well as retrieving the full names of a few we had only nicknames for. Below are a few more names of players we remembered, corrected (*), or were reminded of by those who found the time to contact us at [email protected] or by cell phone text at 607-8616. Indeed, as you no doubt realized by now, this has become a trip down football memory lane, calling out the names of players we record as having played football in the 1st Division, then the highest level of football in Belize, and then in the semipro or professional league after 1991, which is presently the Premier League of Belize (PLB).

Superstrikers, present and past, (l to r) Deon McCaulay and “Negro” Hall (Amandala files, 2015, Guinea Grass)

Late-1950s to Mid-60s
(Part 4 additional names)
Lloyd Smith
Orvin “Ginger” Garcia
Alwin “The Stump” Smith
Everett Staine
Roy Reid
Butty Moody
Herman Leslie
Walter Bradley
Jim Murphy
Egbert “Ham” Engleton
Frank Hoare
Philip Flowers (Mr. B.H.)
Reuben Crawford
Archibald Cubas
Anselm “Drake” Williams
Elridge “Pudd’n” Hyde

Mid-1960s to Late-1970s
(Part 4 additional names)
Philip Guild
Steve Guild
Emerson Guild
Ewart Bradley
Harold Crawford
Glenford “Cracker” Middleton*
Lawrence “Chanks” Nicholas*
Clive “Dulce” Myvett*
Ulrick “Ticks” Usher*
“Cuchi” Dougal
Michael Neal
Porfirio Guzman
Early-1980s to Semipro 1991
(Part 4 additional names)
Eloy “Coco” Gonzalez
Leslie “Pinted” Guild
Wayne “Beepo” Goff
Michael Blease
Conrad “Can-D” Thomas
Miguel Rivero
Kenard Middleton
Edward Daniels
Leroy “Pip” Young
Gerry Tillett
Francisco “Panya” Tillett
Reuben “Postman” Crawford
Kenrick “Buck” Domingo
Wayne “Grumps” Young
Eugene Courtenay
David Cano
Troy Tillett

Please send any names we missed (also for 1991 to 2000, and 2000 to 2010) to our email address at [email protected], or give me a call or text at cell number 607-8616.
We’re still hoping for answers to two questions we posed: (1) the real name for the great “Negro” Hall of the 1970s and 80s; and (2) the name of the Belize City competition 1960-61 MVP.

Feature photo: Sports personalities past and present, (l to r) Robert “Rabbi Dead” Flowers and Gilroy “Press” Cadogan (Amandala files, 2010, Belize City)

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